The Amazing Race Contestant Dies At 42, And Now There's An Investigation

dr jim raman

The world of entertainment news has recently seen an uptick in reports concerning the deaths of several former reality TV contestants. This week saw another untimely passing as well, with The Amazing Race's Season 25 runner-up Jim Raman being reported dead earlier this week in South Carolina. Though reports haven't mentioned any details implying that foul play was involved, it appears an investigation has been opened regarding Raman's death.

On the morning of Tuesday, March 12, the police were called to the Lakefront Court home shared by the married dentists Jim Raman and his wife Misti. The report was made around 4:30 a.m., and when police arrived, they found Raman dead on the scene, according to Lexington County Sheriff's Department spokesman Captain Adam Myrick (per WIS-TV).

At the time of this writing, no one has been arrested, charged or taken in for questioning in relation to Dr. Jim Raman's death. As well, an official cause of death has yet to be revealed. Speaking to the latter point, it's noted that the Lexington County Sheriff's Department is now examining the death more closely, though no other facts were provided about what exactly was being investigated.

The Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher provided a statement, though it also did little to shed light on the matter.

Nothing suspicious or criminal is involved with the case you are referencing and out of compassion and respect for family my office will not comment on it.

Without any criminal suspicions involved, it's possible that Dr. Jim Raman had some kind of an accidental or otherwise untimely death that was too complicated to fully understand when he was first found. It's also possible that more testing, such as toxicology reports, would need to be completed before an official cause of death could be ascertained.

Fans of The Amazing Race likely remember Jim and Misti Raman from Season 25, which aired as part of the 2014-2015 TV season. Dubbed the Married Dentists, the Ramans made it through all twelve weeks of the show, coming in first not only for the premiere but also for four other weeks later in the season. Unfortunately, they were unable to defeat the Food Scientists Amy DeJong and Maya Warren, and the dentists ended the season as the runners-up.

Along with his wife, Dr. Jim Raman worked for South Carolina's Irmo Smiles dentistry group. In the aftermath of the death, Irmo Smiles released the following statement for its customers.

Irmo Smiles has suffered a tragic loss this week. It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the passing of Dr. Jim Raman. As our staff and the family prepare for Dr. Raman’s celebration of life, please join us in praying for peace and comfort during this difficult time. We will be working to reschedule Dr. Misti Raman’s patients and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we give Dr. Misti Raman time to grieve the loss of her loving husband.

With details about the investigation all but absent, it may be some time before the facts about Dr. Jim Raman's death are known. We at CinemaBlend wish to send our thoughts and condolences to Misty Raman and the couple's family and friends during this trying time.

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