DC Universe's First Look At Stargirl Shows Brec Bassinger Is Ready For Action

DC Universe’s Stargirl TV show is getting ever closer to its debut. In a sign that it is, DC Universe shared the first look at Brec Bassinger in the title role of Stargirl. Bassinger also shared the image, which debuted Friday night at WonderCon. She is all suited up, and it is a starry sight to see. Check it the photo:

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Stargirl’s shimmering costume and the Cosmic Staff are fully aglow. Her costume is replete with the illustration’s eye mask, red gloves, utility belt, and star-filled suit.

The blue is reminiscent of Henry Cavill’s Superman costume in the DC movies. Both are deeper blues, which draws an interesting parallel between the suits.

It is hard to tell if Courtney is going to opt for Stargirl’s red boots. She appears to be wearing shorts, so maybe she will go with ankle boots? Or will it be knee highs? As for the Cosmic Staff, it is incredibly well-rendered, in my opinion, and it looks ready to save lives.

Brec Bassinger posted the first look on Instagram, after it made its debut at DC Universe’s WonderCon. At the panel, DC announced that Stargirl will premiere on its streaming platform in 2020. Other release dates included James Wan’s Swamp Thing (May 31) and Young Justice: Outsiders (July 2). The animated series, Harley Quinn, and Titans Season 2 are set for the fall of 2019.

In case you were wondering or need a refresher, Stargirl will follow high schooler Courtney Whitmore, aka Stargirl. Her teenage life starts like one of the usual ones. However, some radical changes in her home life drastically alter things.

Her mom gets married, and she and Courtney relocate from the bright lights of Los Angeles to Blue Valley, Nebraska. The most significant change happens later, though.

Courtney learns that her new stepdad, Pat (Luke Wilson), had a secret “super” life. He used to be a superhero’s sidekick known as Stripesy. Having found the superhero’s Cosmic Staff, Courtney borrows it. The rest is Stargirl history, as she inspires the next generation.

The reveal of Stargirl’s costume is another major step towards the series’ debut. Four months ago, Joel McHale got cast as -- per DC Universe -- the “courageous” and “confident” Starman. As his known-to-the-world alter ego, Sylvester Pemberton, he is a wealthy socialite. How does he tie into Courtney’s story?

Starman is the superhero that Courtney’s stepdad was sidekick to. Thus, expect some crucial things from him. Joel McHale is set to recur on the series, so it remains to be seen how much action he will have.

Not too long after news broke of Joel McHale’s casting, Hourman and Wildcat were also cast. Given that all of these occurred a few months ago, it is nice to get a visual update on the show. It is coming along!

A precise premiere date for Stargirl has not gotten set yet, so stay tuned. The television show is set to arrive next year in 2020. When it premieres, it will do so on DC Universe.

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