Sandra Oh's Killing Eve Co-Star Totally Never Watched Grey's Anatomy Before

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Killing Eve is the BBC America show that took the country by storm and brought Sandra Oh back into the spotlight on the small screen. The actress made a name for herself on TV with her role as Cristina Yang for ten seasons of Grey's Anatomy, and some folks may still associate her more with that long-running series than with Killing Eve. One person who definitely doesn't is her Killing Eve costar Jodie Comer, who totally never saw Grey's Anatomy before meeting Oh. Here's how Comer puts it to Oh:

I’m actually the only person on the planet to have not seen Grey’s Anatomy. And in a way, I’m kind of glad that I hadn’t before I met you.

Sandra Oh was on hand when Jodie Comer explained to EW that she was glad she'd never watched Grey's Anatomy prior to meeting her Killing Eve costar, and she was surprised at the sentiment. Comer elaborated, saying that so many people loved it, and if she'd known it and loved it, she might have been overwhelmed at meeting Oh.

Without knowing Sandra Oh's former big show, Jodie Comer didn't have any preconceptions of what it would be like to work for her. And hey, no worries that she'd try to treat Eve as Cristina Yang! Eve and Cristina certainly aren't two of a kind, even if they are both played by Sandra Oh.

In the same interview, Sandra Oh reiterated her determination not to return to Grey's Anatomy despite a fanbase that would still love to see her back in the mix. Oh wants to focus on the "new love" in her life, and hang out with Jodie Comer. Grey's Anatomy has continued well enough without her, and it's currently in a new era, so hopefully fans can resign themselves to Cristina not dropping by. Why not tune in to Killing Eve?

The second season of the show that was such a hit that Netflix hyped it even though it doesn't release on Netflix will hit the airwaves soon, on BBC America and AMC. The Season 2 trailer is just as hilariously effed up as Season 1 fans could have hoped, and the footage bodes well for new episodes delivering the same quality as the first batch did.

Her role on Killing Eve allowed Sandra Oh to hit an Emmys milestone as the first Asian woman to score a nomination in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series category. She didn't win, with the trophy going to Claire Foy for The Crown (in her final season in the role of Queen Elizabeth II), but Killing Eve fans can undoubtedly agree that she deserved the nomination. Maybe the 2019 Emmys will see her take home a trophy!

Killing Eve Season 2 premieres Sunday, April 7 at 8 p.m. ET on BBC America and AMC. There are still plenty of other shows premiering in the not-too-distant future, if you need a break from all the craziness that is the battle between Eve and Villanelle.

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