Watch SNL's Leslie Jones Trick Kit Harington Into Playing Along With Her Game Of Thrones Fantasy

No one who has followed Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones on Twitter, or seen / heard her talk about anything she loves, really, can deny that the woman is a fount of enthusiasm when she's into something. Well, it just so happens that one of the things Jones loves is Game of Thrones, and this weekend will see star Kit Harington hit the stage as host for the first time. That's great news for Jones, but maybe not such good news for Harington, as it appears to have inspired a bit of intense role-playing he might not have been so prepared to do. Take a look:

Oh, Leslie! You started off so strong with your pitch perfect interpretations of Hodor dying at that door, a toy Jon Snow and his crew of fallen Troll dolls trying to outlast the Night King and his army of undead on the ice, and Dany's poor undead dragon taking down the bubble wrap wall. But, then you just had to drag the real, live Jon Snow, a.k.a Kit Harington, into your madness when you pulled out all the cardboard stops to stage the scene between Jon and Dany in the throne room at Dragonstone. (Cardboardstone?)

While I'm sure Leslie Jones was hooping that the scene would eventually lead to some personal time between herself and Kit Harington in a fake ship's cabin, it turns out that tricking the man into coming with her as soon as he got to the SNL reception area and then holding the the poor dear hostage for four hours ended up in a bit of a backfire. Of course, that just meant that she was able to stage the best scene of all by putting Harington in a full body nude suit, making him wear a (semi) disgraced Cersei wig and forcing him to do a shame walk that no Game of Thrones fan ever thought they'd see. Oh, well, at least they both got to eat some donuts.

I have to say, this is one of the better promos for an SNL host that the show has had in a long time. While the actual show will probably see at least one Game of Thrones parody skit, pairing Leslie Jones' fangirl fervor for the hit fantasy (which the show has used to great effect before) with an annoyed, befuddled and truly trapped Kit Harington was a definite win when it comes to trying to convince folks to tune in to the long-running sketch show. I gotta say, now I really hope to see at least a couple of non-GOT skits with these two on Saturday night. They work well together, right?

We can see what other shenanigans Kit Harington and Leslie Jones get up to when he debuts as host on Saturday Night Live on April 6.

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