Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans' Allegedly Flees Home With Child After Husband Killed Her Dog

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The Teen Mom franchise has had its fair share of drama in recent months, although things have been relatively quiet concerning one of Teen Mom 2's most controversial stars, Jenelle Evans. She and her husband David Eason are back in the news, however, for a tragic event that may have driven the couple apart for good. It's being reported that Evans has fled the couple's home with children in tow, following an incident where Eason allegedly killed the family dog.

As for what actually happened, Eason reportedly lost his temper when the family's pet French Bulldog Nugget snapped at their two-year-old daughter Ensley. US Weekly reported that incident led to Eason's decision to shoot and kill the dog.

Jenelle Evans' 4-year-old son Kaiser was also in the home at the time. Her 9-year-old Jace, however, was on a cruise with their grandmother. A source said that Evans left the house after the dog was shot, but that she returned later that night to pack a bag.

David Eason has gone on the offensive following that news, and he has admitted that he did, in fact, kill Nugget. The husband posted a video on Instagram of the incident that sent him over the edge, along with a caption that explained why he made the decision to shoot the animal. It can be watched below, if one so chooses.

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The Columbus County Sheriff's office confirmed that deputies were called to the scene of an incident in which a woman's husband had killed her dog. Radar Online reported that the call was not placed by a female, but a male, so it would appear the Teen Mom 2 mother didn't make the call.

While David Eason has taken to the web to defend his actions, Jenelle Evans is still distraught over the loss of her dog. She posted a heartbreaking message for the pet on her social media, and it does not appear as though she agrees with her husband's decision.

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Evans mentioned a "home" in the post, but it's unknown if she's referring to the home she shares with her husband, or some other temporary living situation. Additionally, she may be referring to the alleged trip where she returned to the residence to pack a bag. Basically, it's up in the air if the Teen Mom 2 star is still out and about, or back in the house following the big incident.

This is just the latest in a long string of incidents between the couple, who have been one of the more troubled stars in the Teen Mom 2 franchise. Jenelle Evans found herself in trouble with the law last year following a road rage incident in which she allegedly brandished a gun, and Eason was charged after illegally towing a car.

It's unknown if Teen Mom 2 itself will feature a depiction of the incident in a future season, but since Eason was fired from the series a while back after posting a string of homophobic tweets, it isn't likely. With reports alleging the couple aren't speaking, it's possible this incident could lead to the couple to splitting up permanently. With his presence in the program already eliminated, it isn't likely it would affect Evans involvement with the MTV series.

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