Dead To Me Stars And Creator React To Season 2 Renewal

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The stars and creator of Netflix's recent headline-grabber Dead to Me have something considerable to celebrate. Their freshman series has gotten renewed for Season 2, so it's not dead to anyone!

Jen on the darkly comedic thriller, is excited to be doing another season. The news comes roughly a month after the series made its debut on the streaming giant. (Lucifer’s showrunners previously revealed that's the time window Netflix usually allows for when deciding on a rewnewal.) Applegate shared her reaction on Twitter, which expresses her affection for co-star Linda Cardellini. Check it out below:

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Linda Cardellini tweeted back, “I love you!” along with some feel-good emojis. Christina Applegate didn't even mention the show or its Netflix renewal, but everybody knew what the deal was.

Cardellini also quoted Netflix’s tweet announcing the news in her own post, adding some full-blown confetti cannons. You can see it here:

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They have a lot to celebrate. After debuting last month on Netflix, the pre-summer TV release quickly caused a buzz among viewers who heavily praised the two actresses for anchoring the genre-bending and plot-twisting series.

Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate were joined in their celebratory tweets with two from Dead to Me’s creator. Liz Feldman shared the news and a window for Season 2’s release date. Check it out:

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That tweet should assuage the fear that Dead to Me fans would have to wait two years to find out what happens next for Jen and Judy. Season 1 ended on a massive cliffhanger, after all, and Liz Feldman also sent out a promising tease in another tweet.

Cannot wait to show you what we’ve got brewing...

It turns out that the first season was not initially supposed to end the way that it did. Liz Feldman revealed that factoid in a recent interview, admitting that she did not want to divulge the original ending because it could still get used. Had Netflix not renewed the series for a second season, it would have meant leaving the show in a significant lurch.

Could that original ending for Season 1 come into play? Dead to Me fans will have to wait until 2020 to find out for sure. That is not too painful of a wait. Before you know it, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini will be back in action.

It is lovely that the actress duo is so close in real-life, considering what they go through together on the show. Dead to Me centers around the pair playing characters who meet in a support group and become unlikely friends. When Season 1 begins, Christina Applegate’s Jen has lost her husband in a hit-and-run murder. She is in hot pursuit of finding his killer.

At the same time, Linda Cardellini’s Judy is keeping a secret that could undermine everything she is building with Jen. Throughout Season 1, Jen and Judy’s burgeoning friendship is threatened by the potential emergence of the latter’s secret. Season 1 ended with a shocking climax, which means its follow-up could go a number of ways.

One celebrity fan who will be excited by this renewal news is Ellen DeGeneres. The host of The Ellen Show, where Liz Feldman worked for a number of years, shared her love for the dramedy on Twitter:

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Christina Applegate has since replied with "Thank you sweet, wonderful lady!! Love you!!!" Imagine how excited Ellen DeGeneres has to be about Season 2.

There will be more to celebrate when an exact premiere date for Dead to Me Season 2 gets revealed. For now, the general aim of a 2020 release will have to suffice. The first season of Dead to Me is currently streaming on Netflix, along with other upcoming TV premieres. There is more to come in June.

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