You Showrunner Reveals The Season 1 Scene That Made Her The Most Nervous

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Are you a little nervous? Well, the showrunner of the Netflix hit You was when it came to a specific scene in the series’ freshman season. As fans who have watched are well-aware, the former Lifetime series pushed some boundaries in Season 1.

When you have a show with a stalker for a narrator, that can lead to a lot of anxious moments. You certainly pushed the envelope throughout Season 1. However, the scene that made the series' showrunner nervous took place in the series' very first episode.

During a THR roundtable, You showrunner Sera Gamble addressed the question of what moment or scene made her nervous:

You has a lot of Penn Badgley [who plays the obsessive Joe] braining people with hammers or convenient rocks…The scene that actually made me nervous, though, was in the pilot. Very early in the first episode, a character masturbates on the street in shadow. I was watching it at a screening and I was like, "Oh, we're going to lose them and they're never coming back." Then the next scene came and everyone was on board, and that was the moment I knew the show would work. I was really doing it on faith until that point. (Laughter.)

Viewers will recall the scene in question. Sometimes it takes a moment that is so risk-taking to know whether a show has its audience behind it or not. Based on what Sera Gamble saw at the screening, she knew she had not gone off the tracks with the daring scene.

It kind of makes you wonder what may be ahead for You’s Netflix-only Season 2. No longer limited by what is intended for Lifetime’s audience, it has a chance to go even further. Will it? You will have to stay tuned.

When You made its debut on cable, it did not get off to the highest-rated start. Then came its arrival on Netflix and the binge-friendly thriller quickly became a big hit. Now You’s following is anxiously awaiting the premiere of Season 2. Based on what is known so far, it is going to be exciting!

Viewers are going to be seeing a lot more of Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace in Season 2. Actress Ambyr Childers has been promoted to a series regular following her recurring turn in Season 1. After viewers spent most of the season thinking she was dead, she made a last-minute surprise entrance in the Season 1 finale.

Candace will have to follow Joe to Los Angeles if she intends to keep a close eye on him. That's right. Joe will be leaving his life in New York City behind in Season 2. He is heading to the land of Hollywood. Along with his change of location, he will also have a new woman to fixate on.

Joining Joe in Season 2 will be Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor in a mysterious role. A Chicago Fire veteran is on board as the oldest friend of Joe’s new target. You also cast an unexpected star for a recurring arc. Before “you” know it, the character who horrified men more than women (according to Penn Badgley) will be back.

The first season of You is currently available to stream on Netflix. A release date for Season 2 has yet to get set, so stay tuned. There is a lot of new content arriving on the streaming giant this year. Summer television is also heating things up.

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