When The Blacklist Will Be Back To Handle Red's Kidnapping For Season 7

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The Blacklist left fans ready to roar for another season after Red’s kidnapping. When will the series be back to handle the jaw-dropping cliffhanger? Inquiring minds already knew it would return this fall. Now, news is out about when the wait will be over. The Blacklist Season 7 premieres Friday, October 4 on NBC!

Celebrate! The Blacklist will be back four months from now, per the series’ official Twitter! That may seem like a rough wait, but when you consider how long fans had to wait for Season 6, it is manageable. Following the bombshell revelation that Red was an imposter, The Blacklist did not return until the midseason. Back on the fall slate for Season 7, this will be a breeze by comparison.

The Blacklist left fans with a Katarina-related cliffhanger that opened the door to a flood of questions. She had Red taken captive at the end of Season 6. Her motive for doing so is currently unclear, as is where on earth she was taking him. Red met her in Paris, France. He could be anywhere in the world when Season 7 picks up.

Destined to not be far behind is the Task Force. They may or may not be getting a new team member in Season 7. Other things to anticipate include The Blacklist’s endgame snapping into focus, per series creator Jon Bokenkamp. He discussed the jeopardy Red would be in next season.

Red and Katarina facing off is certainly something to be excited about seeing unfold. There is also the issue of his true identity. All these years, fans had believed he was Raymond Reddington. Liz started Season 6 in hot pursuit of his true identity. She seemed to finally glean the answer. There is more to the story, though.

At first, I had a lot of reasons for why I could believe Red was who The Blacklist hinted he was – Ilya Koslov. Now, I doubt it all over again following the Season 6 finale. There were already a lot of missing pieces about the supposed reveal. Remember, we are dealing with someone with an inscrutable timeline.

The Blacklist’s creator teased more “friction” ahead regarding Red’s true identity. Liz is closer, but possibly not in command of the full truth where Red’s original self is concerned. Could the man that Red met with in the season finale be the real Ilya? That is what some fans thought. My theory is that he is Red’s brother.

Either way, fans are closer to answers. Hopefully about who that man is and what on earth Red may be sick with. That is a plot that came and went quite a bit. Season 7 could hold the key to learning more.

After the summer’s premieres are finished, The Blacklist will be back with its Season 7 premiere on Friday, October 4 on NBC! New episodes will air on Fridays at 8 p.m. ET. You can currently catch up on previous seasons of the crime drama on Netflix along with lots of upcoming content on the streamer.

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