One Day At A Time Revived At New Network After Netflix Cancellation

One Day at a Time was a critically-acclaimed family sitcom that earned a loyal fanbase over its three seasons on Netflix, but that didn't stop the streaming giant from axing it earlier this year. As weeks and months passed without news of a revival at Netflix or rescue elsewhere, One Day at a Time seemed done for good. Well, no more! The show is being revived at another network: Pop. Check out the announcement!

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One Day at a Time will return with a fourth season on the CBS-owned Pop that will run for 13 episodes. No precise premiere date has been announced just yet, but it will hit the airwaves in 2020. While Season 4 will air exclusively on Pop to start, the deal to pick up the series means Season 4 will be broadcast on CBS itself later in 2020 once the initial Pop run has competed.

More than three months have passed since One Day at a Time's initial cancellation in mid-March. Considering that Netflix is usually the platform that rescues shows rather than cancels shows that need to be revived elsewhere, the odds weren't feeling too great that the Alvarez family would get to come back. Thanks to Pop, the Alvarez adventures can continue!

Netflix seemingly had One Day at a Time locked up, as a contract clause allowed the streamer to veto a show's move to a rival streaming service for at least two years, which is a probably similar to what Netflix's cancelled Marvel series face. Netflix would have had to alter its contracts to let another platform pick up the show, and that issue appeared to put an end to an attempt by CBS All Access to save it.

Now, if you're not familiar with Pop, that's probably because it's not nearly as wide-reaching at Netflix. The cable network is home to shows like Big Brother: After Dark and Hot Date, with Schitt's Creek as arguably its most well known offering, and the end is nigh for that one. One Day at a Time will give Pop another comedy, and the built-in fanbase that wasn't enough for Netflix to keep it on the air could be a big deal for a smaller platform like Pop.

I do have to wonder if the fact that Pop is a cable network rather than streaming service is what convinced Netflix to let One Day at a Time go, although it's possible there was quite a price tag attached. Netflix was well aware of the show's popularity on social media, as the fanbase was very vocal first in trying to score a renewal and then protesting the cancellation. There was demand, and CBS Corporation/Pop was apparently willing to make the necessary deals to bring it back to life.

Now, is it too soon to start listing guest stars we want to see appear on the show once it makes its move to Pop? The first three seasons landed some great guests, including a couple of Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars in the latest season. Lin-Manuel Miranda was one of many fans and stars who called for a renewal; why not him?

.For now, you can catch the first three seasons of One Day at a Time streaming on Netflix, or give some new streaming shows in Netflix's summer lineup a shot.

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