Lucifer Season 4 On Netflix Will Feel Like 'A Bomb Going Off,' According To Tom Ellis

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Lucifer Season 4 is almost here! The season that almost never was is about to be. When it arrives, it will do so as it has never done before -- on Netflix and in its entirety. Instead of weekly reactions to each installment, fans will have the entire season to respond to.

Does it feel different for the series’ star, Tom Ellis, knowing that weekly reactions to Lucifer Season 4 will not be a factor? In an interview with CinemaBlend’s Laura Hurley, Ellis responded:

It does, but to be honest with you, I'm looking forward to the new way it's going to happen. Because the old way was, when you're doing a network show, there's always this kind of weekly reaction, but there's always an industry side of it as well. Where you're looking at figures and ratings and all that, and you're wondering about whether you're coming back and how you're doing and all that sort of stuff. It sort of takes away from it a little bit. What I'm really excited about is it all coming out at once internationally, because the show has this huge global following to it. And people have watched it at different times at different rates up until Season 3, so for everyone to get Season 4 at the same time and be able to watch it, I'm excited about that happening. A bomb going off, as opposed to lots of things every week.

Prepare for detonation. Fans being able to binge every episode is going to be a big change of pace. Lucifer’s fourth season is comprised of 10 episodes. That's a duration that should make for a traditional-sized Netflix marathon.

Unlike having to wait an entire week to find out what will happen next, Lucifer fans just have to wait five seconds or less. Considering how much viewers had to go through to get it, they should devour it.

Having been saved by Netflix, a few changes should be in store. A teaser for the upcoming season hinted there would be at least one. When asked if he had a favorite thing about the shift to Netflix, Tom Ellis said:

I love the sort of sinister underbelly of the show and the kind of darkness of L.A. from time to time. I think one of the things that, again, because we're on a shorter filming schedule, only for ten episodes, was fun. We didn't have to preserve ourselves quite so much, so we could do a lot more shooting at night and bring that kind of edge back to the show in that sense. And the fact that sometimes you just want to swear and you can now, that's okay. It's kind of funny, because it's not all the time, so there's a couple of moments where I said something I wouldn't have been able to say on Fox, and it stayed in.

There will be fewer episodes than usual, which should make Season 4 more of a concentrated dose. Lucifer’s first season went for 13 episodes, the second season had 18 episodes, and the third and final one on Fox had 26.

From what Tom Ellis is saying, fans can expect to see an edgy L.A., which sounds intriguing. There will also be more swearing. Moving from network television to the free range of streaming will do that to a show. Will Lucifer be pushing any other limits with its newfound freedom? Tom Ellis dished some other things to expect:

Yes, the boundaries of nudity have changed somewhat, but the show is a sexy show, and I think that there's a slightly overly prudish nature on network TV that we just didn't have to deal with anymore. So why not show a bit more flesh, as long as it doesn't get gratuitous. And also, if it gets a laugh, I'm in.

Upon the series getting saved by Netflix, Lucifer’s showrunners talked about the show getting a little more uncensored. Among the limitations lifted, they discussed the show getting more realistic in the realm of horror -- one of the cornerstone aspects of the genre series -- along with the added element of showing more skin.

Fans do not have much longer to wait to find out all of the changes that end up snapping into place. The new season is set to be a wild and eventful one. A giant payoff for those who fought so hard to bring it back after Fox cancelled it last year.

Among the new characters set to make their way to Lucifer Season 4 are a priest and the mother of Cain, aka Eve. Outlander’s Graham McTavish will recur as Father Kinley, a respected priest, well-known for his caring and profoundly empathetic nature. He's said to be willing to take any measures necessary to protect humanity from evil, so the wicked better watch out.

Eve will be played Imposters’ Inbar Lavi. She sounds destined to shake things up quite a bit on her own. Find out how the new characters and the original come together when Lucifer makes its big Netflix debut.

Lucifer Season 4 will premiere in its entirety on Netflix on May 8.

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