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Yes, Netflix's Queer Eye Is All Over Its Stranger Things Crossover

Queer Eye Season 4 Netflix

July is a big month for Netflix originals, as several heavy hitters have returned or will return to the platform. Stranger Things was the biggest among them, but it's fair to say quite a few subscribers are thrilled to see Queer Eye's Season 4 premiere. Those upset they have to wait just a bit longer for the season's premiere can get through the rest of hiatus by binging (or re-binging) Stranger Things and taking note of a truly unexpected cameo.

Unfortunately, it wasn't some secret episode or another post-credits sequence where the "new" Fab Five rolled into Hawkins and gave Joyce or Hopper some drastic makeover that made them the talk of the town. Instead, it was one of the series' former makeover stars William Mahnken, who appeared as one of the male reporters for Hawkins' newspaper.

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For those that may not remember, William Mahnken was featured in Season 2 episode 2 of Queer Eye. Mahnken was a movie lover with a scruffy look that the boys cleaned up drastically so that he could orchestrate the perfect proposal to his girlfriend.

This included more than a makeover, but William Mahnken making his own short film to precede his proposal in person. The moment made for one of the standout moments of Queer Eye Season 2, and had many in the Fab Five reduced to tears.

In comparison, William Mahnken's appearance in Stranger Things isn't tear-jerking, or all that wonderful with regard to what's happening. In fact, the first appearance is kind of enraging as he's seen amongst the male journalists laughing at Nancy when she pitched her story. That's not the sweet compassionate guy we know from Queer Eye, but he is acting after all.

It appears he's not the only actor of his family either, as William Mahnken's next appearance in Stranger Things came when Hopper was at the restaurant. Over his shoulder, William can be seen again, and so can the woman he proposed to in Queer Eye and later married, Shannan!

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Needless to say, quite a few Queer Eye fans have noticed the cameo, and are thrilled that two alumni of Netflix's makeover series are out there doing big things. That's not to say they weren't before the show, but c'mon, being on one of Netflix's most popular shows in any capacity is a pretty big deal. Is this the start of something greater? Is Netflix already plotting an original series based on the couple to replace that controversial prank show?

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Probably not, but with that said, Queer Eye is back for Season 4 on Friday, July 19, at 12:01 a.m. PT, so there's something for Netflix (opens in new tab) subscribers to look forward to. Keep an eye out for that, and keep an eye on CinemaBlend for more of the latest in television and movie news.

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