Nash Bridges Revival Is Happening With Don Johnson

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Hot on the heels of Gossip Girl’s reboot news comes word of another nostalgic entry – or re-entry, that is – from further back in TV's past. The police drama Nash Bridges is getting the revival treatment at USA. That is not where the good news ends, either. Don Johnson, the series’ original star and portrayer of the eponymous character, is coming back to reprise the titular role!

The news that Nash Bridges fans have waited 18 years to get is finally here. USA Network and Village Roadshow are teaming up with Don Johnson for a two-hour TV special. But the fun might not stop there. The hope is that the limited revival will springboard into a full series return. So now is the time to start spreading the word.

While the upcoming Nash Bridges project is reportedly in the early stages, there is some plot info from THR. The revival is set to catch back up with its titular character in the year 2020. Could next year be when the two-hour special airs? Stay tuned (but probably). As for the plot itself, there is no need for any similar suspense. Nash Bridges is said to be running San Francisco’s Special Investigation Unit.

In doing so, he is dealing with a lot of changes by way of his new boss, the changing city and the police world itself. The last of which centers on the utilization of “modern data-crunching” and “predictive policing.” Despite all of the changes, viewers can count on one thing staying the same, and that is Nash being Nash.

To rewind: Nash Bridges was a mega-popular police procedural that premiered in March 1996 and ran for six seasons on CBS. Sadly, and to the probable ire of fans, the show got cancelled and said its goodbye in May 2001. Proving that no television bridges ever entirely burn down, though, Don Johnson's Nash is primed to make his TV return.

Bull’s Bill Chais and Don Johnson are set to co-create the new special. They will also executive produce alongside Sense8’s Marc Rosen. Nash Bridges' creator Carlton Cuse, also of Lost and Bates Motel fame, is reportedly not attached to the special, but hopefully that could change.

As for on-screen returns, Don Johnson is the only actor from the original series who is currently attached to star. Given that things with the special are still early in the process, it makes sense that could eventually change. When it comes to revivals, having more of the original flavors tend to get fans more excited.

That said, none of the established characters beside Nash are mentioned in the revival’s description. Original cast members included the great Cheech Marin, who played Nash Bridges’ partner, Inspector Joe Dominguez. (His comedy partner Tommy Chong was in the recently released Jay and Silent Bob reboot trailer.) Jeff Perry starred as tech wiz and Grateful Dead enthusiast, Harvey Leek, while future Vampire Diaries actress Jodi Lyn O’Keefe starred as Nash’s daughter, Cassidy.

News of the revival comes as Don Johnson has another high-profile television show on the way. Johnson will star in HBO’s Watchmen television show, from Carlton Cuse's Lost co-showrunner Damon Lindelof. A few months ago, a crazy first trailer was released that featured the first look at the actor's new role. Johnson has since teased that fans will not believe how good the show is.

As for Nash Bridges, having Don Johnson returning to one of his signature roles is exciting. Television has been kind to reboots and revivals of throwback properties. Why not the cop procedural. It probably makes more sense than a Miami Vice revival at this point.

One thing setting this reboot apart is that it will not return to its original network. Nash Bridges originally aired on CBS, while the revival special will reportedly air on USA, a.k.a. the home of the Suits-iverse. Like the Mad About You revival, which landed somewhere other than its original home, the crime series has found one elsewhere. But it makes sense, considering Nash Bridges found syndication success for years on USA after its original run.

While you wait for Nash Bridges to return, check the plethora of summer premieres coming to television.

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