Disney's The Owl House Exclusive Opening Titles Video Will Get Gravity Falls Fans Pumped

It's a big world out there, but not one that is necessarily flush with magically alluring animated series that appeal to both children and adults alike. One of the greatest examples of that kind of series is undoubtedly Disney's Gravity Falls, which ended in 2016. (Grumble, grumble.) Thankfully, the network has another similarly fantastical project on the way in the form of The Owl House, which hails from former Gravity Falls artist Dana Terrace.

Below, you can check out an exclusive video featuring The Owl House's opening titles. I would bet all of the money hidden in Grunkle Stan's furniture that everyone who watches will feel twangs of nostalgia for Gravity Falls' unique genre blend, as well as a heap of excitement about how wild this new show is going to get. Check it out!

From the very first second of the opening credits, The Owl House calls to mind Gravity Falls. How? Obviously the way that eye on the door – as well as the stained glass window – resemble the all-seeing and all-knowing eye of interdimensional rascal Bill Cipher. Fans have been wondering ever since Owl House was announced whether or not there would be any Gravity Falls connections, and those conversations definitely aren't going to stop after seeing those eye shapes. (We'll meet again...)

Beyond the kinetic animation style that also calls to mind Dipper and Mabel's mysterious adventures, The Owl House's main theme sounds like it comes from a similarly magical universe. The driving pace, and the video game-esque rhythms are catchy and memorable in their own right, of course, and it successfully works to get viewers pumped for whatever's coming next.

The Owl House, which falls under the horror-comedy umbrella, centers on a human girl named Luz whose teen years get shaken up after she discovers a portal to a magical new world called the Demon Realm. Luz is able to start realizing her dreams of becoming a witch after meeting a rule-breaking enchantress named Eda and a bitty warrior named King.

As Eda's apprentice within the titular Owl House, Luz finds herself becoming more accustomed to this new family of sorts. Of course, as seen in the video above and the one lower down, Luz's adventures aren't like the ones that you have with your family. There's a lot more flying, and living door-knockers, and fighting evil. Oh, and also a room full of interesting stuffed animals. (Those are all just stuffed animals, right?)

The Owl House was created by Dana Terrace, who was previously a storyboard artist on Gravity Falls, so she's perfectly suited to bring this dark and imaginative world to life. Terrace also directed multiple episodes of Disney's star-studded DuckTales reboot, and I can only hope that The Owl House builds up the same depth of world-building and serialization that Huey, Dewey and Louie are getting.

Check out the previously released teaser below for more eye-grabbing visuals and sky-punching music.

While The Owl House doesn't yet have a release date set on Disney Channel, it was previously announced that the new series will make its grand debut in early 2020. Whether that means January 1 or March 11 or February 23 is anyone's guess, but it's guaranteed that I'll be waiting and watching when it does arrive.

Nick Venable
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