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The Bachelorette Spoilers: Hannah Explains 'Confusing' Decision To Boot Peter

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Spoilers for the first half of The Bachelorette season finale are disclosed below.

The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown is explaining her “confusing” decision to boot Peter Weber. In the first half of the season finale, Hannah broke up with “Pilot Pete.” For those keeping up with Bachelorette spoilers this season, that was not entirely shocking. Thanks to Internet spoilers, we've known for a while Hannah ultimately chose someone else,  but that has still left us wondering: What happened with Peter?

His exit on The Bachelorette was allegedly not for lack of love. Hannah Brown explained the reasoning behind her emotional decision to break up with Peter Weber. She acknowledges that the road to getting there caused a lot of confusion, and drama between the men on The Bachelorette played a role, according to her recent comments.

I was in love with Peter. I was pulled into different directions every other day. But I had to make a decision. I felt like my heart was broken. All the drama [amongst the men] put up barriers for me. I really did care for these guys, but were [my feelings] strong enough? It was confusing. I was not where I wanted to be.

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber will always have their memories, including the ones made in that windmill. In the first half of The Bachelorette’s 2019 season finale, Hannah opened up about what really happened between her and Peter in the infamous windmill. In spite of what transpired, in her comments to People it sounds as though Hannah felt torn, just not in the direction of “Pilot Pete.”

Whatever they shared at the time was apparently not enough, as it did not prove strong enough to keep Hannah from giving Peter the boot in the penultimate episode of ABC's Bachelorette. Heading into tonight’s finale, Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt are left vying for her hand.

Despite being in love with Peter Weber, Hannah Brown decided to go another direction, but she says it was not an easy decision by any stretch of the imagination. Hannah also continued to push the point home that she was in love, saying:

I had fallen in love with Peter. I know it sounds crazy. And [my feelings] really affected me emotionally.

Still, as a result of her decision, Peter Weber is not one of the final two guys left for Hannah Brown to choose between. Because of what transpired and these comments, tonight’s Bachelorette finale is destined to be riveting for Bachelor Nation. As the franchise prepares for a season-ender that should be anything other than boring. Hannah Brown even said that she does not even know what is going to happen in it.

If that was not dramatic enough, some things are definitively known. The second half will involve live reunions and possibly a lot more. If spoilers for the episode ending up holding true, Bachelorette fans will need to brace themselves. As months of fevered speculation and spoilers converge regarding where Hannah's relationship status stands becomes known, once and for all.

Be warned spoilers for the finale are discussed openly beyond this point.

After initially reporting that Tyler C. and Hannah Brown would get engaged in The Bachelorette finale, Reality Steve’s spoilers changed, utimately sharing that Hannah would get engaged to Jed Wyatt. Leaving Tyler C. doing a lot since dating Hannah. It may not be happily ever after for Jed and Hannah, though.

The rumor mill has since related that Hannah Brown and fiancé Jed Wyatt had hit a significant roadblock in their relationship and their breakup is supposedly getting filmed for the two-part finale. Bachelorette fans will have to tune in to see it for themselves! Either way, it should be engrossing content, given how up and down the spoilers related to this season have been.

The second half of the season finale of The Bachelorette airs Tuesday, July 30, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The reality series has been among this summer’s premieres but there's a lot more coming this fall.

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