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The Bachelorette Spoilers: Even Hannah Doesn’t Know What’s Going To Happen In The Season Finale

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Spoilers ahead for Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette on ABC.

Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette has almost come to an end. For any fans who thought that the melodrama would die down once Hannah finally got rid of Luke Parker (and the ensuing Twitter war), the first half of the two-night season finale on July 29 was proof to the contrary. The episode was a combination of footage from when Hannah was still trying to choose between Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron, and live video with Chris Harrison interviewing Hannah and others in the studio.

In live footage from the final moments of the episode, Hannah addressed viewers and was visibly emotional as she worked up the nerve to confess that she doesn't know what's in store in the second half of the finale, which will also feature live reunions and almost certainly confrontations. Here's how Hannah put it:

Since that last day in Greece, the past couple of months have been really tough and emotional. I know there are a lot of rumors out there, and honestly, tomorrow night, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But I have a lot of questions that need to be answered, so I hope I’ll be able to do that.

Hannah was having a hard time choosing between Jed and Tyler in the first night of the finale, and had already been deeply upset when she had to break Peter's heart. Based on her comments in the live footage, she doesn't get a happily-ever-after even once she makes her big decision between her final two suitors. The live nature of the second night of the finale means that even she can't predict what's in store.

Poor Hannah! At least she got some laughs earlier in the episode when she dropped the bombshell reveal about her windmill sex right in front of Peter's parents.

For fans who don't pay attention to any Bachelorette news or rumors and just enjoy the show for what it is, Hannah's emotional statement about not knowing that happens in the finale probably came as a surprise. After all, Bachelor and Bachelorette stars often are happy and confident in their finales, even if they have to face uncomfortable decisions in the process. (That's right, Arie, I still remember what you said to Becca!)

For fans who have been paying attention to the news and rumors surrounding Hannah's season of The Bachelorette, her statement probably made a lot of sense. Many seasons in the Bachelor franchise feature oddball suitors and suitors who are there for the wrong reasons, but Hannah has had an especially rough ride, both during filming and while the series began airing. Why? Well, she (and viewers everywhere) learned some unpleasant truths about her pool of contestants.

Spoilers ahead for who Hannah picks in the Bachelorette season finale. Early reports indicated that Hannah would pick none other than Jed as her future husband, and those reports were followed by a woman coming forward to claim that she and Jed had been in a relationship right before filming began on The Bachelorette. Nashville musician Haley Stevens claimed that they "spent the night together the night before he headed to L.A." to begin courting Hannah.

Rumors surfaced that Hannah had broken off their engagement, but did not totally end the relationship. This changed later on, and current spoilers suggest that she and Jed are broken up altogether, and the breakup was filmed for the finale. Something tells me fan reactions to Hannah dumping Jed on camera will be very different from the reactions to Arie dumping Becca on camera, if that's how it goes in the second night of Hannah's finale!

End spoilers for the second night of the finale. Find out what Hannah decides and what questions she needs answered in the 2019 Bachelorette season finale on Tuesday, July 20 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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