Yes, Zendaya Is Still Wearing Rue's Hoodie After Euphoria's Major Reveal

Zendaya in Rue's hoodie in Euphoria HBO

HBO just finished Season 1 of Euphoria, and it was quite an emotional roller coaster up until the end credits. Fans still feeling the effects of Rue's decision aren't alone in that, as star and Spider-Man: Far From Home actress Zendaya is having some trouble coping herself. In fact, she's still wearing Rue's hoodie around in real life, and she's got the receipts to prove it.

Zendaya posted a photo of her wearing the trademark hoodie out and around town, and loving life way more than her character usually seems to be. She's all smiles, and confessed that she hasn't thrown the article of clothing in the wash since she finished Season 1, which featured a pretty subtle but major reveal related to the hoodie.

Zendaya is out and about, as Jules would say, "dressed like Seth Rogen," and we love to see it. Jules tried to switch up Rue's style in the final leg of the often-controversial Euphoria, and while the main character went along with it, the change made Rue uncomfortable. By the episode's end she was back in her hoodie, and spoiler alert, she had also gone back to her drugs as well.

The whole moment was followed with a big musical number in which it became clear why Rue's wears the hoodie and dresses in male clothing a lot of the time. The clothes, and the hoodie specifically, belonged to her dead father. It was a subtle but clear reference to one of the key forces that have been driving Rue to drugs during the events in Euphoria.

There were signs prior to this that Rue's father's death was at the root of her drug addiction. A prior Euphoria episode revealed a younger Rue stole her father's highly addictive pain medication for cancer to help cope with what he was going through. That addiction, of course, intensified after his death and led to her overdose. Jules leaving was the cause of Rue's latest relapse, but will she ever get better if she can never properly cope with her father’s death?

It’s a great question to ask as Euphoria heads into Season 2, and Rue’s mother potentially continues her relationship with her new boyfriend. That could definitely pile on the sadness she’s already feeling after losing Jules, and make Rue spiral even worse than when she first got out of rehab. Jules could always come back and help pick her up again, but perhaps the hoodie is a sign Rue's continued wellness is largely connected to appropriately coping with the loss of her dad.

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As mentioned earlier, Euphoria Season 1 can be watched over at HBO and its various streaming services, but Season 2 has already been greenlighted. Stick with CinemaBlend for updates on the show in the meantime, and for more news on what's going on in the world of television and movies.

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