Now, Snooki Is Threatening To Quit Jersey Shore Family Vacation

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While Jersey Shore Family Vacation continues to air the major events of last year on MTV, there's some big drama popping off on the set of the reality series right now. Apparently, things have been heated at the current shore house the cast is staying and filming in, and things have escalated to a point that Snooki was seen leaving the house, and threatening to quit Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

News of trouble first started when video taken by a neighbor of the shore house the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast was at was put up online. The video uploaded shows Snooki walking from the house screaming obscenities, and she appeared to be in an argument with someone unseen within the house. Snooki is heard saying she didn't want to "do this" and that "she wants to go home."

Not long after, the video shows Snooki was followed out onto the street by JWoww and Angelina, who appear to be consoling her. Another shot shows her talking with them and an unidentified figure. Judging from past Jersey Shore Family Vacation footage and what usually goes down when a cast member has a freak out during filming, that may be executive producer SallyAnn Salsano or another producer talking to Snooki towards the end of the TMZ video.

So, who was Snooki arguing with? It's hard to say, as the lovable Pauly D was reportedly heard saying whatever happened "didn't go the way he expected." It's possible the house collaboratively confronted Snooki about something with good intentions, and it backfired in a major way. These things happen, especially when these friends are as in each other's business as they have been in the past.

Let's also remember that Jersey Shore Family Vacation is filming while the current season is airing on MTV. These folks are all living together, and live-tweeting episodes in which they may be hearing some of their friends' thoughts on the events of months past that they didn't hear at the time. That's sure to bring some drama to the surface, especially if Ronnie is around to confront his friends about the immense amount of smack talk they've been delivering in the confessionals about his relationship.

Will Snooki leave Jersey Shore Family Vacation? She's had this type of meltdown and made threats like this many times before, and it's really a toss up. She threatened to leave early on in the original Jersey Shore, and was convinced to stay, but then had to take a break to go home and see her family during Season 1 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. It wouldn't be too surprising if Snooki is seen shipping off not long after this incident, only to inevitably come back to continue filming later on.

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All that drama will be showcased later on, but for now Jersey Shore Family Vacation is airing The Situation's wedding journey on MTV Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend for more information on the show, and for news on the latest and greatest television and movies.

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