Bear Grylls Reportedly Had To Be Saved By Medical Staff After Bee Sting Injury During Filming

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Bear Grylls has survived the harshest of climates and come in contact with some of the deadliest predators and hottest celebrities on planet Earth. He's had a few close calls in his career, but none may have been as deadly as a new incident that reportedly went down on the set of his latest show. Grylls was stung by a bee, and his reaction was so severe he had to be saved by medical staff.

The incident happened on the set of Treasure Island with Bear Grylls in which the survivalist was transporting contestants to a remote island to compete for cash. During the transport, Grylls was stung and things allegedly took a serious turn from that point on. Daily Star reported Grylls tried to continue filming, but eventually staff had to intervene and use an EpiPen on him.

Mano Shanmug-anathan, an islander brain surgeon who allegedly saw the encounter, spoke to media about the incident. Obviously, a person allergic to bees being stung is always a scary situation, but apparently Grylls' symptoms were severe enough to give onlookers pause.

The irony of Bear the survivalist being stung, having the potential of an allergic reaction, and needing to be treated with an EpiPen, was a bizarre moment. That was crazy!

It is certainly a bizarre thing to think that someone as adventurous and risk-taking as Bear Grylls could be taking out by a bee sting, but it's not an uncommon allergy. Grylls' allergy wasn't a secret, and he has been stung on his own shows before and continued filming with a swollen face. Sometimes these stings are unexpected, and other times it's because he thrust his arm into a massive beehive and his face swells up.

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As some may be aware, this is not the first time Bear Grylls has had a brush with death. Whether it's underwater or high up atop Mt. Everest, Grylls has frequently put himself on the line all in the name of entertainment. Granted, he's an experienced survivalist with decades of experience to pull from when the going gets tough. Still, there's never any lack of danger in his line of work, so Grylls might want to just take the easy EpiPen immediately next time rather than risk further peril.

As mentioned earlier, Grylls' accident happened on the set of Treasure Island with Bear Grylls, which is an offshoot of The Island with Bear Grylls. Unlike past seasons of the show, this coming season will feature a large cash prize (around $120,000) that's been hidden on the island. The contestant that uncovers it can either opt to split it with the others on the island, or keep it for themselves.

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