The Blacklist: How Difficult Getting Red Free Will Be In Season 7

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The Blacklist will have no shortage of action as Season 7 gets started. Having left off with the major cliffhanger of Red’s abduction at the hands of Katarina Rostova, the premiere should be over the top exciting! In fact, Amir Arison (Aram) has teased that Season 7 is going to get off to a jaw-dropping start. How difficult will it be to free Red?

Fans are no strangers to having to wait a bit for Red to join the outside world. He was in prison for a lot of The Blacklist’s last season. As Season 7 begins, he is in a much different prison as the captive of former flame (?) Katarina Rostova. How hard will it be to free Red this time around?

So many mysteries and must-see moments to consider! The Blacklist’s creator, Jon Bokenkamp, and executive producer, John Eisendrath, told EW:

Jon Bokenkamp: We start season 7 in a place where the audience is sort of in Reddington’s shoes, with a whole bag of questions about what’s next, what Katarina’s agenda is, and how Reddington might try to find his way out of this situation.John Eisendrath: There are international obstacles, logistical obstacles, and extradition obstacles. Everything is in their way between them and finding Red.

If anyone can overcome these obstacles, it is Liz, Dembe, and the Task Force. It sounds like The Blacklist heroes will have their work cut out for them, though. Will they find Red before he can spill whatever it is that Katarina so desperately wants to know? They have what it takes to get the job done, but, clearly, it won't be easy.

Based on what series creator, Jon Bokenkamp, is saying Liz, Dembe, and the Task Force will have some help from the inside in the form of Red. He is going to be working to find a way out of Katarina’s confines. While the audience is not aware of what she wants, Red may have a clue or two.

This is an international mission, due to Katarina kidnapping Red in Paris, France, and she has built up an automatic brick wall when it comes to the Task Force's abilities to get him back.  It's important to note here that Dembe reportedly traveled with Red to Paris, however, the latter went to his meeting with Katarina without Dembe. It was a huge mistake by Red.

Thanks to an exclusively shared scene, Liz will give Aram the rundown about the whole Red situation, which includes his imposter status. With Aram armed with that knowledge, it could help shake a few things loose in the search for Red! The Blacklist is not going to make it easy to get him back, which means a marvelous story is undoubtedly ahead!

While Red’s last known location was Paris, France, Katarina may have moved him elsewhere. Will Dembe, Liz, and the Task Force have to deal with several countries in the quest to find Red? If Katarina is shuffling him around the world, they could get caught up in various rabbit holes before locating him.

I believe in them, though! Tune in to see how The Blacklist frees Red when the series returns this fall. Season 7 premieres this Friday, October 4, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. You can catch up on Red’s previous Blacklist escapes via past seasons on Netflix, along with lots of new content.

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