Caroline Explains Ascendant's Vampire Diaries History In Legacies Season 2 Premiere

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If only The Vampire Diaries' Bonnie Bennett would return to Mystic Falls in time for Legacies Season 2. Caroline Forbes-Salvatore's daughters could use her witchy guidance. Lizzie and Josie Saltzman could use their mother Caroline too, and a sneak peek of the Legacies Season 2 premiere really shows why.

The clip reveals Lizzie is off in Europe visiting Mama Caroline while Josie is back home at the Salvatore School babysitting their midlife-crisis-spiraling dad Alaric. But because this is a supernatural show, the twins can do a cool magic version of FaceTime that shows them fully in the same room. That room is with Josie in the Salvatore School, so -- once again, at least for now-- we don't actually get to see Caroline on screen. However, Lizzie fills Josie in on some things Caroline told her about the Ascendant Josie found in the Legacies Season 1 finale.

Caroline gave Lizzie some Vampire Diaries background on this Ascendant, but she left out some pretty important details:

Josie: Mom didn't tell you anything else about this thing?Lizzie: Only that it's called an Ascendant, and you and I made it with Aunt Bonnie when we were 5.Josie: Does it have anything to do with The Merge?Lizzie: I don't know, she's being cagey about it. I--

That's when Lizzie disappeared for a second because Caroline almost busted her. You can watch the clip at EW or just wait for Thursday's premiere episode, "I'll Never Give Up Hope." Why wouldn't Caroline want them talking about it? It bugs me how "cagey" Caroline is being with Josie and Lizzie.

Shouldn't it ring alarm bells with Caroline if Lizzie is asking about an Ascendant? Shouldn't she want Lizzie to have information about how Bonnie used their Gemini Coven magic to help make this Ascendant to imprison their crazy evil Uncle Kai Parker? What if they somehow find a way to access the Ascendant and free Uncle Kai from the 2018 Prison World?

How much do the twins even know/remember about Kai? Without key background on the uncle who killed their biological mother, he could easily manipulate them. I know The Vampire Diaries Universe ruler Julie Plec had been trying to get actor Chris Wood back as Kai, and I'm not sure if that panned out, but it does seem like leaving the twins curious in the dark is a bad idea.

Caroline didn't even tell the twins about The Merge. If you recall, in Legacies Season 1, Hope Mikaelson found out about The Merge from a phone call with her own Aunt Freya from The Originals. We will see Freya in Legacies Season 2, so that's cool. But neither Caroline nor Alaric told the twins about The Merge, wherin Gemini Coven twins basically face off at age 22 and fight until the "stronger" twin absorbs the magic of the "weaker" twin and the weaker twin dies.

During San Diego Comic-Con, Alaric actor Matt Davis played a little game of Maybe/Maybe Not to describe things coming in Legacies Season 2. Here's what he said about Josie and Lizzie and The Merge, with hints to the Ascendant and Uncle Kai:

His daughters are also pressuring Alaric to cough up information about The Merge that he may or may not be keeping from them. Because he may have a secret that could unlock the problem and save both of his daughters, but if he tells them, they might take that key to save themselves and unlock a door to a dimension that may or may not release somebody that they may or may not be related to into the world, which might be a bigger danger all around for the town. So Alaric may or may not be stuck in a position where he might have to sacrifice one of his daughters to save the greater good, because if he saves both his daughters, it might unleash a darkness so terrible it might be more dangerous to more people. Maybe. And this may or may not happen just in the first two episodes.

It's still not clear how much Matt Davis was telling the truth, since it was part of his well-rehearsed Maybe/Maybe Not game. But wow, that would be a lot. He also talked at the time about Alaric losing his headmaster job at the Salvatore School, and the new Legacies Season 2 premiere clip mentioned that fact. It does sound like Alaric might finally have some romance options on the horizon, though.

Speaking of romance, it also sounds like Josie and Landon Kirby might be getting close, since they now live in a world where Hope Mikaelson has been forgotten. But Hope has not forgotten them, and it would "kill" her to see Landon move on with someone else, especially a friend like Josie.

Here's more on what Matt Davis said about what may be ahead for Hope and Alaric early in Legacies Season 2. We have several new characters coming, including a mysterious new Salvatore School professor, a new sheriff in town (what about Matt, is he mayor?), new potential love interests for Hope, and a very interesting new love interest for Lizzie.

Legacies Season 2 premieres this Thursday, October 10 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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