Alita: Battle Angel's Rosa Salazar Is Rocking A New Look (And A Tribble) For Star Trek Gig

Rosa Salazar Alita: Battle Angel

Rosa Salazar's star appeal has been on the rise following Alita: Battle Angel and Undone, and now, audiences will get to see her in Star Trek. No, she hasn't been announced as yet another animated character in that Nickelodeon series (though we wouldn't be opposed to that idea) but will be featured in what looks to be a very entertaining episode of Star Trek: Short Treks.

In her episode Salazar will play Captain Lynne Lucero, who was recently given command of the U.S.S. Cabot. Check out a picture of her below, in which she's holding a creature Star Trek lovers are no doubt familiar with.

Rosa Salazar Star Trek: Short Treks CBS All Access

Yep, that's a Tribble, and no doubt that's the reason why Rosa Salazar's upcoming Star Trek: Short Treks episode is titled "The Trouble With Edward." The episode title is a riff on the classic Star Trek episode "The Trouble With Tribbles," which featured Captain Kirk and the crew dealing with the meddlesome creatures that multiply at a rapid rate. Obviously, in a ship with only a limited amount of space, that can turn into a problem real quick.

So, who is Edward? According to the episode's description, Edward (H. Jon Benjamin) is an "ornery scientist" on the U.S.S. Cabot who believes he has found a use for the creatures. It sounds like hubris on the part of Edward, and that certainly looks to be the case when looking at this short trailer for the upcoming Star Trek: Short Treks.

Not only will this episode feature Rosa Salazar and the hilarious H. Jon Benjamin, but the trailer shows Anson Mount reprising his role as Captain Pike as well! It's nowhere near the Pike and Spock spinoff Star Trek fans have been hoping for, but something is better than nothing. Who knows? If this episode of Star Trek: Short Treks ends up breaking some kind of record perhaps CBS All Access can sway Alex Kurtzman into making that Pike series. reported "The Trouble With Edward" was written by prolific Portlandia writer Graham Wagner, and will be directed by Daniel Gray Longino. This episode will be the second to release in Season 2 of Star Trek: Short Treks, which will drop sporadically all the way up until early 2020, which is when Star Trek: Picard is scheduled to begin. Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is on the way as well in 2020, so be ready for a lot of Trek in the coming months!

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The Star Trek: Short Treks episode "The Trouble With Edward" will premiere on CBS All Access Thursday, October 10. Be sure to stick with CinemaBlend before and after that for the latest news on what's happening in the Star Trek franchise, and for more news on other fall television and movies.

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