Blue Bloods Is Leaving Netflix And CBS Fans Are Not Happy

Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods Season 10 CBS

Blue Bloods is reportedly leaving U.S. Netflix on November 5, in what may be a sign of things to come for more CBS shows, and fans are not happy.

Tom Selleck's police procedural is currently airing Season 10, but some fans are still discovering the show anew on Netflix and getting caught up on the streamer. Those fans are now disappointed, frustrated, and downright "pissed off" that Blue Bloods will be leaving Netflix before they can get up-to-speed. Other fans who've already seen every episode said they still binge-watch Blue Bloods on Netflix because they enjoy re-watching it. Now they will have to get CBS All Access or find another way to watch the show.

Blue Bloods Season 9 isn't even on Netflix right now, the streamer just has eight seasons. As Whats-on-Netflix noted, Hawaii Five-0 already left Netflix earlier in 2019 for CBS All Access, and that's likely to be the trend going forward. New seasons of Criminal Minds and NCIS have also not been added to Netflix, so those shows will probably be leaving Netflix for CBS All Access too. So goeth the streaming wars!

Blue Bloods fans are upset at the change. So far, there are 269 comments on Whats-on-Netflix's post about Blue Bloods leaving Netflix, and here's a selection of the thoughts:

• Pissed off im just watching them and is on season 4 almost five and now I have less than a months to finish bs!• I'm very mad that Blue Bloods is leaving Netflix. I hate CBS and the only reason I watch it is for Blue Bloods. I'm not surprised with all the streaming wars going on, but I'm so disappointed. I will miss the show!!• Very disappointed that Blue Bloods is being pulled. All of the good shows are being pulled. Why pay money for an app that you can’t watch anything you want to watch. ??• Very disappointed!!! Blue Bloods was the only program we watched. Will not get Access and will drop Netflix.• NO YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO US!!!!!!!! blue bloods is literally my life and that's the only way I can watch it!!!! please no! RECONSIDER• I am so disappointed! I watch Blue Bloods and NCIS everyday on Netflix!, and I can’t even say how many times I have rewatched the series of both! This is just wrong!!!• This is not a Netflix move. This is greed on CBS part. They want your viewing dollars. Although Netflix paid a whole bunch of $$$$ to CBS, apparently there is not enough money printed to leave it with them. CBS will be removing all of its programming from Netflix, FORCING you to buy their service. Not cheaply, either. Shame on you CBS!

Whenever something leaves Netflix, the knee-jerk response seems to be to blame Netflix, but in some cases it's out of Netflix's control. This seems to be more of a CBS call to solidify its own streaming service, which makes sense but is understandably upsetting to fans who got used to their favorite CBS shows being on Netflix. Now some viewers are blaming both Netflix and CBS.

The streaming wars are only going to heat up in November with the arrivals of Disney+ and Apple TV+. Netflix is currently the top dog, but since networks are starting their own streaming services, they are increasingly pulling content from Netflix. So even though these new streamers should be giving fans more options, fans who thought they had it all in Netflix are instead realizing they may have to subscribe to three or four different streamers to get the same content. And who can afford that?

Blue Bloods Season 10 is continuing Fridays at 10 p.m. on CBS. And you can stream it on CBS All Access.

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