What Big Brother News Is Julie Chen Teasing With New Photo?

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Big Brother 21 was a whirlwind season, and if there were some fans still worn out from the drama, intensity, and manifesting, it wouldn't be surprising. With that said anyone still feeling burnt out on Big Brother better find a way to shake it off, because host Julie Chen is up on social media teasing something regarding the franchise.

The tease came from the hostess' social media, in which Chen shared a picture that seemed to be of the show's diary room. The caption featured a couple emojis, and has sent the Big Brother fandom into a frenzy of speculation.

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This straight up looks like a picture that was taken on accident, and if it weren't for the eyes and the winking emoji one may think this was some accidental upload by Julie Chen. The timing of the post is interesting, and has led many to believe that this is a subtle tease that Big Brother is coming back before its summer slot. Does this mean we're getting a return of one of the spinoffs?

It certainly feels that way, though fans are arguing amongst themselves on which it will be. Celebrity Big Brother could be getting another season considering it recently ran in the U.S. back in 2018. Others have wondered if this picture is signaling the return of Big Brother: Over The Top, which was the CBS All Access exclusive series that aired for one season back in 2016.

There are even some fans who believe Julie Chen is teasing something for the 2020 season, possibly the return of an All-Stars season. There have been a few Big Brother alumni who've wanted that to happen, and a few who may still be crossing their fingers and hoping that's the case after Chen's post on social media.

While we have no information one way or another, it does seem most probable that this could be the tease that Big Brother is coming back for another winter season. It feels a little too early ahead of Season 22 to be teasing themes for the season, but the perfect time to be announcing an unexpected season that will hit during the lull period in fall.

Again though, it's really hard to speculate given all these predictions and theories are rooted in a picture Julie Chen snapped of the space behind the diary room chair. Was she just highlighting the back area behind the couch is a bit dirty and needs to be cleaned? Maybe that was where Jackson was hiding all those snacks in Season 21? Hopefully the meaning behind this mysterious picture is unveiled soon enough.

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