Wow, Nathan Fillion's The Rookie Is The New King Of Delayed Viewing

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Peak TV may have given us over 400 scripted shows, but many viewers are tuning out of watching shows live. With so many options to watch (apps, DVR, streaming), live ratings have been in a steady decline for years now. However, Nathan Fillion’s The Rookie is proof that delayed viewing is where it’s at, showcasing the largest viewership gain for a show on any of the big four broadcast networks this fall.

Already in its second season, ABC’s The Rookie is doing pretty well for itself. The show, which suffered the loss of series regular Afton Williamson over the summer, has seen a huge surge in viewership in the Live+3 ratings category. Following its November 3rd episode, the series went from 0.51 in the 18-49 demographic to a whopping 1.09. That’s impressive!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Rookie has doubled its ratings in the six weeks it’s been on the air. Its viewership saw a 112% increase during the week of October 28, making it the largest ratings jump for a show on any of the big four networks, which include NBC, CBS, and Fox.

Additionally, The Rookie has seen the largest amount of change in percentage among the top 20 shows. The series gained over 3 million more viewers in delayed viewing, one of only six shows to see that kind of growth. That’s a 90% increase, going from 3.5 million to 6.63 million viewers in three days post-live airing.

While live ratings continue to be important, it’s great to see the big four broadcast networks factoring in delayed viewership. The Live+3 growth proves that viewers are interested in the show, even when they’re watching it later.

Delayed viewing ratings isn’t the only good news for fans of The Rookie. The series will be reuniting series star Nathan Fillion with his Castle and Firefly co-stars when they guest star on the show later this season. First up is Anne Wersching, who played Castle villain Kelly Nieman and will be guest starring on The Rookie in another ominous role, playing convicted serial killer Rosalind Dyer.

Nathan Fillion announced recently that Firefly co-star, friend, and Con Man collaborator Alan Tudyk would also be guest starring on The Rookie. The versatile actor -- who most recently played the villainous Mr. Nobody on DC Universe’s Doom Patrol -- will take on the role of Ellroy Basso. Basso will teach Fillion’s character, John Nolan, how to properly clean up a crime scene.

If The Rookie’s ratings numbers continue growing in delayed viewership, the higher its chances are for renewal. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more ratings updates. In the meantime, be sure to check out our complete TV guide to fall shows premiering through December.

Mae Abdulbaki