Is Disney+ Missing Something You Want To Watch? There's A Feature For That

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Disney+ rolled out this week, and to say the least, it has a lot. Nearly every Star Wars movie, and a massive chunk of Marvel and Disney films are available. An insane amount of Disney Channel original series and movies are there too. The list goes on. There's a simply insane amount of content, but it certainly doesn't have everything.

If you have gone looking for a particular show or movie and found that it's not listed on Disney+ right now, there's some good news, as there is a way to make your voice heard when it comes to future content on the service. If you visit the Disney+ help page on the web version of the service, and then select the option to "Give Feedback" you'll be given the option to not only make Disney+ aware of problems, or suggest new features for the service, but you can also request that specific films or series be added to Disney+.

Disney+ Give Feeback menu

When you select the option to request a show or movie, you'll be able to suggest up to three titles that you would like to see added to Disney+. If there are more than three items that you've found missing, you can always select the option more than once. I suppose you could also try stuffing the ballot box by suggesting the same show more than once, though it's hard to say what sort of impact that might have.

Disney Plus New Show request page

This is certainly a nice feature to see. Disney+ is going to be viewed by fans of all ages who grew up with all kinds of shows and movies. There's nearly 100 years of Disney content to choose from and while an impressive amount of it is already on the service, there are always going to be pieces that are missing.

If there is something that you really want to see on Disney+, it's probably worth it to drop into the feedback form. One assumes that if a particular show or movie gets a lot of attention, the company will make more of a point to bring it to the service.

Considering how much legacy content Disney has, and how much of it will need to be remastered in order to look decent on modern televisions, a lot of Disney's older material will require more than simply downloading it to a server to get it on Disney+, so odds are the company won't be going to the time and expense to get some of this stuff online unless there is a clear interest for it from the current and potential subscriber base. If you're part of that potential subscriber base, you can see if Disney+ is for you by grabbing a 7-day free trial here.

I've made a point to request a lot of very early Disney television, like Walt Disney's Disneyland, simply because those are shows I've never seen before.

Disney+ does list a number of movies on the service already that aren't actually available yet, but with the dates we know are coming. But there's a lot that we don't know about. What Disney show or movie do you wish you could watch on Disney+ that you can't yet, let us know in the comments, and then let Disney+ know.

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