V Wars Season 2? Stars 'Would Love' Netflix Renewal, But Do Fans Agree?

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Spoilers ahead for V Wars Season 1.

"Let's go." Those are the final words of Netflix's V Wars Season 1, as spoken by a shirtless Dr. Luther Swann (Ian Somerhalder), who is now ready to kick ass and take names. The V Wars Season 1 finale left fans on quite a cliffhanger, and it would suck -- no vampire pun intended -- to not see what happened next. Somerhalder and Michael Fayne star Adrian Holmes certainly hope fans are rooting for a Netflix renewal. But what do viewers want?

Since we're only two days out from Netflix releasing the 10 episodes of V Wars Season 1 on December 5, it's not shocking that we don't know about a Season 2 yet. Long before the season premiered, Ian Somerhalder -- who produced the series and directed Episode 9 while also playing Luther Swann -- was asking fans to watch Season 1 in the hope that Netflix would give them a V Wars Season 2. Here's what Adrian Holmes had to say when I asked if fans would finish V Wars Season 1 wanting Netflix to give them Season 2:

Oh yeah, I think we did a really good job in concluding the first season and keeping the audience salivating and keeping that desire for more in the air, for sure. I would love to come back and do a second season.

Adrian Holmes said he'd take any excuse to get back together with the great cast and director Brad Turner, whom he worked with many years ago on his first TV shows before becoming known for 19-2 and Arrow. He's ready to return to continue this story ... even if things didn't end in the best place for Michael Fayne himself:

Yeah, any day. I would love to revisit the world and I love the Michael Fayne character a lot. Hopefully it's well-received and everybody's rooting for a second season. All we can do now is just focus on this one and hope that everybody likes it. We really hope you enjoy it. I think you will. I think you're in for a treat. I think it's going to be well-received, and I really hope it's well-received.

It does seem to be well-received so far, based on social media reactions. V Wars is based on the books by Jonathan Maberry, so there's plenty of source material to mine going forward. Here's what Adrian Holmes said when I asked if the team had a goal of a certain number of seasons:

Ideally two for sure, I mean, three, four would be amazing. ... There hasn't been a set number of season. Jonathan's written many books, so there's a lot of room for a storyline and directions for the seasons. So I think that as long as the writing is there and the performances are there we have a good shot at going for a [renewal] anyway. I really hope so.

Back in October 2018, when V Wars Season 1 wrapped, Ian Somerhalder was already thinking about Season 2 and asking fans to do their part to make it happen:

All you have to do as an audience is watch. Even if you don’t like it ;) I’d like another crack at a SEASON 2. There are so many places to take this story I want another shot. Let me get into the details with our amazing team to make this a hit show; but I’m going to need you to check it out to see if you jive with it. It’s so very relevant to this modern, social, digital, political and emotional landscape that we all find ourselves all navigating and traversing together. [...] To our audience: I hope we can move you with grounded, nuanced performances and story with the time allotted for us to tell it. We tried. We will keep trying if you can give us the chance. There is an immense amount of TV out there- we hope you our frequency resonates with you.

Now we have to wait and see what fans think and Netflix decides.

How V Wars Season 1 Ended 

V Wars Season 1 showed the rise and fall of Adrian Holmes' character Michael Fayne. Fayne became Patient Zero, the very first vampire, in an origin story that's very different from most vampire shows like The Vampire Diaries -- which is what appealed to Holmes.

Adrian Holmes as Michael Fayne in V Wars Season 1

Michael Fayne was weakening by the end of the season, and the Bloods got a new leader after the "truce" was sabotaged with poisoned batches of BludSub. Martial law was declared and the Senator Sasha Giroux (Laura de Carteret) was taken into custody.

Michael Fayne was last seen being driven away. To where? New York, where he was said to still have support? He was supposed to be executed, but it's hard to imagine that will happen. Danika Dubov (Kimberly-Sue Murray) was allowed to go free, but then her sister Mila (Laura Vandervoort) showed up and pointed a gun at her and fired it. Did she kill Danika or was that misleading, since we heard the shot off-screen?

Ava O'Malley (Sydney Meyer), #2 in command of Blood Nation, said on TV that Michael Fayne was executed -- and that's what Fayne's best friend, human Dr. Luther Swann (Ian Somerhalder), heard and must've believed. Ava also said the new leader of Blood Nation was Calix Niklos (Peter Outerbridge), who said humans don't deserve to win. He said they would never for any reason deal with humans again, except as food. He held up a substance, the source of the infectious prion. He said the substance was placed in water supplies to expose over 30 million people to the infection.

Also? Luther Swann's own son Desmond Swann (Kyle Breitkopf) was kidnapped as an "insurance policy," since he's the only known human with immunity to the infection. Any medical breakthrough humans have, the Bloods will always be a step ahead, Niklos said. What Des will have to endure is for the greater good. The Bloods are here to stay and to win.

V Wars Season 1 ended with a time jump to four months later. Shirtless Luther Swann was shown working out, getting more badass. Mila, with a new look, showed up with some news. She said she was staking out an old warehouse The Bloods took over about a month ago. She saw Swann's son there. She told Luther she could take him there, but it's heavily guarded.

That's when he grabbed a giant gun and said "Let's go." And "Let's go" is the message of fans who ended V Wars Season 1 ready for more in Season 2. Now we wait and see what Netflix decides to do. If they do go back for Season 2, hopefully it doesn't take as long -- or become so stressful it leads to hospital trips. But hopefully Ian Somerhalder gets to come back and direct more episodes.

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Keep up with all of Netflix's 2020 premiere and return dates with our handy schedule. Have you seen V Wars Season 1 so far? If so, what did you think? Do you want a Season 2?

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