BoJack Horseman Creator Has Some Blunt Thoughts About One Of Netflix's Practices

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Raphael Bob-Waksberg is responsible for one of Netflix's most notable originals and one of Amazon's best new originals, so he knows a bit about the streaming experience. Bob-Wakberg has been candid about the things he doesn't like about Netflix's new policies on cancellation, and now he's taking aim at something almost all streaming services are guilty of to some degree -- credit skipping.

Bob-Waksberg posted on Twitter in regard to another user's complaints about skipping credits, and had some thoughts of his own. As the creator of BoJack Horseman and other streaming shows, obviously he has a dog in the fight in this discussion.

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Credits are meant to acknowledge the hard work of the people that created a show or movie. At one point, a majority of names were listed at the start of a movie, but over time, credits shifted to the end of the movie.Now we're in an era of streaming where Netflix and others are flat out auto-scrolling audiences to the next episode before the credits complete.

In fairness, it's probably not a problem for most streaming subscribers, though the auto-start through credits has negatively impacted some viewing experiences. Raphael Bob-Waksberg specifically called out Amazon Prime in an example of that, as a viewing of Undone was interrupted by a "next episode" prompt before the credits even rolled.

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Not all shows will be as negatively impacted as that episode of Undone, though that instance shows part of the problem. Some shows or movies offer a post-credits sequence, and Netflix and others may not account for that and skip ahead to the next thing in an effort to keep its subscribers bingeing on to the next thing.

While Raphael Bob-Waksberg had plenty of supporters replying to his tweet, there were some who disagreed. When one person remarked they don't think television credits are as respectful of people's time when compared to movie credits, Bob-Waksberg clarified and said his problem isn't that people are skipping credits, but that they don't really have a choice in some cases one way or another.

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Raphael Bob-Waksberg makes a good point, though it isn't surprising to see this take after some of the problems he's had with streaming services in 2019. Netflix cancelled the BoJack Horseman spinoff Tuca & Bertie, and there's been a discrepancy on whether or not Bob-Waksberg decided to end BoJack Horseman at Season 6 or if Netflix said it was time to pull the plug. Few could blame Bob-Waksberg if he has an ax to grind against the mega streaming service, and will continue to take shots at it and other streaming services when he can.

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