BoJack Horseman Creator's New Amazon Show Undone Looks Like Nothing Else On TV

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BoJack Horseman’s creative duo Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy have teamed up for a new Amazon show. The animated series is called Undone and the teaser trailer for it is out. It looks like nothing else on television. The series stars the vocal talents of Alita: Battle Angel’s Rosa Salazar and Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk. Check out the trailer below:

That was a trip! Announced last year, Undone tells the story of Rosa Salazar’s Alma. She survives an almost fatal car accident. The trailer appears to allude to the car wreck at one point. At the 21-second mark, Alma is shown in what looks like could be a classroom. A steering wheel abruptly appears before the car is shown going off of some toy blocks.

Alma is clearly haunted by the car accident. Following her near-death experience, she gains a more thorough concept of time. Armed with this skill, Alma will work on trying to solve the mystery surrounding her dad’s death. How did he die? The trailer does not provide a great deal of insight.

Based on what can be heard, it sounds like Alma’s dad is instructing her about her newly heightened state of being. He says that some people’s minds have the potential for them to “see,” “feel,” and “know more” than others. Does he also possess these skills? Maybe.

Alma’s dad also points out that what his daughter has is “precious” and that the two of them need to “carefully develop” her potential. Alma replies by asking if she is losing her mind to which her father does not give the most comforting response. After saying “no,” he responds, “Well, yes and no.”

Alma’s dad has passed away and he is presumably the one talking to her, which begs the question: how is he talking to her beyond the grave? Do her newfound powers make this possible? Is he communicating to her from the past, a.k.a. when he was still alive? Can she somehow go back in time to talk with him? Consider my mind bent already.

Undone marks a considerable change of course for BoJack Horseman’s creators. All of the characters appear to be human, whereas the Netflix show features a world comprised of humans and anthropomorphic animals.

BoJack Horseman is also categorized as a dramedy. Undone seems to be more dramatic in nature. Find out how the two shows compare when the latter makes its debut. Amazon continues to set its sights on ambitious projects. It has the recently released Good Omens, and the upcoming and intensely protected Lord of the Rings television show is on the horizon.

The sixth season of BoJack Horseman is forthcoming on Netflix, per THR. Will the new season be a solid follow-up to the season that landed BoJack on the list of Best TV Shows of 2018, according to CinemaBlend’s Nick Venable? Stay tuned.

A premiere date for Undone was not revealed in the trailer. The footage just says that it will be available soon on Prime Video. Summer premieres will help pass the time, a will watching the first five seasons of BoJack Horseman on Netflix, among its other offerings.

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