The Crazy Lengths One Fan Went To Figure Out Colton Underwood's Bachelor Choice

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Anyone who watches The Bachelor knows the fandom can be pretty intense. Fans are quick to dig up any and all info they can on the contestants, talk to exes of said contestants, and typically leak the winner of the competition before the season even gets underway. Ever wonder how so many people are able to find out information that, ideally, ABC would like to keep under lock and key until the season finale?

It takes dedication, and a bit of ingenuity. While many fans wait for Reality Steve's spoilers, in the case of one fan of The Bachelor, she went to crazy lengths to figure out who 2019 Bachelor Colton Underwood ended up with long before everyone else. According to her post on Twitter (which was acknowledged by Underwood), the sleuth scoured the money service app Venmo for Underwood's name, and was able to figure out who he ended up with based on that alone.

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It's a scary reminder of just how much someone can find out about a stranger by social media, though one has to imagine there were easier methods of figuring this one out. After all, who jumps on Venmo to do anything other than to pester that friend who told you they'd get you back for drinks that one night but then never did?

It doesn't seem like an easy way to figure out much of anything about a person, let alone the woman Colton Underwood picked during his fence-jumping season of The Bachelor. With that said, Underwood asked how this woman was able to figure everything out well before hand, and her response actually made a lot of sense.

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Colton Underwood was friends with a number of folks with the last name Randolph, which then led to Cassie Randolph. It made sense, though one has to think this person began to doubt themselves just a bit after Cassie's exit. Of course, Colton ended up chasing after her again without the pressure of engagement, so the Venmo prediction ended up holding true after all. That's quite a way to secure a win in The Bachelor brackets!

Once this bit of internet sleuthing was uncovered, other users on Twitter came forward to admit they had done similar things in the past. One Bachelor fan said she did a similar method of investigation, but searched Colton Underwood's friend list on Facebook and saw a lot of the Randolph family on his friends list. Basically, everyone who appears on any reality television series should delete all their social media before doing so, both to prevent spoilers and controversy.

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The Bachelor Season 24 with Peter Weber kicks off on ABC Monday, January 6. So far, Reality Steve has revealed Bachelor Peter's final two, but maybe these sleuths can dig up official information on who (if anyone) he picked in the end. CinemaBlend is the place to be for all Bachelor-related information, so be sure to stick around for more on that and the latest news in television and movies.

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