Yellowstone's Kevin Costner Previews Season 3's 'Big Drama' And 'Consequences'

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John Dutton had a pretty seismic season on Yellowstone’s last installment. Now Kevin Costner is teasing the “big drama” and “consequences” set to happen in Season 3. John headed into the previous season believing he was dying. A life-saving procedure later, and John was back on his feet again. Now he is going into Yellowstone Season 3 in better physical health as other issues loom.

While John got a reprieve on the health front, he continued training his son, Kayce, to take over. This led to a game-changing decision regarding the power structure at the ranch. Meanwhile, John made a new enemy in the malevolent Beck brothers. It started with the poisoning of the Dutton’s cows before escalating into Malcolm Beck having John's daughter, Beth, viciously attacked.

Before the Duttons could complete their war with the Becks, Malcolm had kidnapped Kayce and Monica’s son Tate. Thankfully, the Duttons were able to rescue him. Even though the season finale left fans relieved at that happy turn of events, it laid the groundwork for something foreboding in Season 3 – consequences. In a Yellowstone promo, Kevin Costner teased:

They were threatened as a family. My world was shaken up, and now there's going to be consequences. There's big drama going on right under the surface.

The Duttons eliminated the Becks as a threat last season. It sounds as though there could be consequences to the actions they took in making it so. Local authorities certainly knew of John’s plans, so I do not expect these consequences to come from the legal side of things. Of course, you just never know on Yellowstone.

My instinct is to think that the consequences could come from the Becks' rivals or those in league with them. While the Beck brothers are gone, who is to say a relative could not be gearing up for payback? Either way, this is yet another tease set to excite fans already eager for Yellowstone’s Season 3 return.

This hint comes in the same promo that also promised “big reveals” happening in Season 3. I am hoping that will include the already previewed plot involving a more in-depth exploration into the complicated relationship between John’s son and daughter. Hopefully, that includes getting into why Beth hates Jamie with such a seething passion.

John Dutton has a lot on his plate. Not only are two of his kids locked in a private war, but he also has issues with the ranch. Yellowstone hinted that John may be losing his hold on it, and he may be faced with a deal he cannot turn down.

John’s turmoil also goes beyond the ranch, which serves as a catalyst for much of the drama surrounding the Duttons’ lives. There is also the emotional recovery of John’s grandson, Tate, who went through a horribly traumatic ordeal with his kidnapping. Yellowstone’s initial first look at Season 3 seemed to indicate he will make good progress.

Time will tell how what he went through impacts Tate in the long-term and what consequences John and his family will face following last season’s intense action. I am ready to find out! Yellowstone Season 3 will premiere on Paramount Network at some point this summer. While you wait for the drama to ride again, you can check out this winter’s premieres.

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