Kelly Reilly Ends Yellowstone Season 3 Filming With A Hopeful Sign

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Filming on Yellowstone Season 3 has ended for Kelly Reilly, and a rainbow appeared to send her off. Yes, it is a wrap for the actress who plays the feisty Beth Dutton on the smash hit Paramount Network TV drama. It is a new update from Reilly, who previously revealed that shooting for Season 3 had been finishing "strong."

Kelly Reilly took to Instagram to share a stunning picture replete with a sweet caption. She is another Yellowstone actor to have recently finished filming on Season 3. Reilly’s co-star, Cole Hauser, had posted a cool photo from the last day of Season 3 filming for Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy. Check out Reilly’s post below:

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How gorgeous is that rainbow? Hopefully, Kelly Reilly is exiting the set of Season 3 with her character, Beth, having finally revealed the origins of her feud with Jamie. Fans are anxiously awaiting the mysterious revelation that explains why she hates her brother so much. Yellowstone’s co-creator has teased that the Dutton siblings’ relationship is going to get explored next season.

The first look at Season 3 did not precisely reveal too much on that front. However, it did indicate that Beth and Rip will be getting even closer. Beth went through a lot in Yellowstone’s sophomore season, and she will undoubtedly continue to heal from it in its third. The Duttons dealt with that threat in the finale and it all set the stage for a very different follow-up season.

The sky is sort of the limit for Beth as she heads into Season 3. Thankfully, Rip finally got some good news that should help bring them closer together as Yellowstone continues. This fan hopes that Beth’s friendship with her sister-in-law Monica will continue to grow. As far as other dreams, I am ready to find out why Beth detests Jamie.

The cryptic clues have drawn a mysterious portrait that is next to impossible to decipher despite the Yellowstone cast giving some great teases. What happened? Jamie clearly has a volatile side, so it would not be surprising to learn that Beth knows something relating to it. At this point, I believe Season 3 will reveal it is something that happened between them, and not some external conflict.

There are a lot of new characters coming to Yellowstone in Season 3, and one of them is confirmed to interact with Beth. Whatever Beth’s future holds, the series seems primed to have her story continue for a while. Beth has given some grim foreshadowing when it comes to the titular ranch’s future. Will any of it come true?

Are you ready to see what Kelly Reilly’s Beth gets up to next? Yellowstone Season 3 does not have a premiere date yet, so keep staying tuned. The Western will make its return on Paramount Network. While you wait for the Duttons to make their return, check out this fall’s premieres.

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