Family Feud Contestant Reacts To Going Viral For Popeyes Fail: 'At Least I'm Pretty'

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You win some, you lose some, as the adage goes. In the case of viral Family Feud contestant Eve Dubois, it turned out to be the latter. At least, when it came to a question asked during the incredibly intense Sudden Death round. Family Feud Canada’s host, Gerry Dee, called on Eve and Logan White to represent their respective families in the single question face-off.

At stake was Eve’s family’s chance at a second $10,000 win. Then came the moment of truth for Eve and Logan. The task? To name Popeye’s favorite food. As you can see from the video below, things did not take a personal turn. However, Eve’s answer was not exactly what Family Feud was looking for. Check out the viral moment below:

As you can see from the video clip, Eve hit the buzzer immediately with what she believed to be the surefire answer – “chicken.” A response based on the popular fried chicken restaurant chain. The thing is, Family Feud was not referring to the fast-food place Popeyes. Family Feud was referring to the beloved animated character Popeye the Sailor, aka Olive Oyl’s devoted pursuer.

That Popeye’s favorite food is spinach (it makes him super strong), which Eve’s Family Feud opponent Logan promptly and correctly answered. Before Eve could learn she was wrong, she enthusiastically responded to her belief of a clear victory. Everything that happened has since led to a viral Family Feud moment. Something the franchise is familiar with having.

There have been morbid answers and other surprising moments during the Family Feud franchise. Now Canada’s version has welcomed an incredible moment to the franchise’s pantheon. For her part, Eve seems to be taking it well. Her mother, Stephanie Dubois told Global News Canada how Eve is taking it in stride, saying:

I didn’t hear what she said. I actually thought we won[.] . . . We’ve all been laughing about it[.] I’m in the kitchen, I’m giggling; I’m in the shower, I’m giggling. . .It’s all going to her head right now, she’s been saying, ‘At least I’m pretty.'

At least she is trying to find the bright side in all of this. Not only did she get to go on Family Feud, but Eve has also gone viral. She created a moment that has transcended Canada and went worldwide. Not everyone gets to do that during their run on the popular game show. Plus, Popeyes Chicken has made a cool offer on Twitter:

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For his part, Eve’s Family Feud opponent during the Sudden Death round remained calm and refrained from any significant reactions. Classy. It is one of those things where a clue could have been taken two ways. For Eve, the restaurant seemed to rank higher in terms of familiarity than the cartoon. In fairness, it has been a while since Popeye was seen in a feature film.

New episodes of Canada’s Family Feud air Mondays through Thursday at 7:30 NT on CBC and CBS Gem. Check your local listings to find out when Family Feud airs in the United States. In the meantime, you can enjoy this winter’s premieres.

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