Yellowstone Creator Has Another Exciting New TV Show Coming To Paramount Network

Yellowstone Season 1 still with Kevin Costner

Back in 2018, Paramount Network came seemingly out of nowhere to become a major TV player due to the success of Yellowstone, the Kevin Costner starrer that has found a place in a lot of the hearts of TV fans. Now, it looks as if the Yellowstone creator will be bringing even more exciting content to the network, all thanks to co-creator Taylor Sheridan.

Paramount announced the new series this week, noting that it will be called Mayor of Kings and will be a scripted drama set in a Michigan town, so it's not the Yellowstone spinoff that fans may have been hoping for.

So, What’s The Premise?

Basically this small town will be hanging by a thread and will be kept alive by federal, state and private prisons -- an industry that’s not spotlighted from this angle that often. It's being described as "stark and brutal" and while we don't have an idea on episode count yet, Season 1 of Yellowstone was nine episodes and Season 2 offered 10, so I'm assuming that will be the right ballpark for this show, too.

Casting is not underway for the Mayor of Kings series yet, but we do know Taylor Sheridan will be on board as the co-creator and the executive producer. Also producing will be co-creator and executive producer Hugh Dillon and executive producer David Glasser. We also know the new series will center on a powerful family called the McCluskys. Once casting is underway, we'll be sure to let you know all about it.

Mayor of Kings will join Yellowstone, which is heading into Season 3, in the Paramount Network lineup. The network also announced that Taylor Sheridan's unscripted series The Last Cowboy has been renewed. If you haven't checked out the latter series yet, it's about horsemen (and women) on the regular reining circuit.

Paramount TV has done well delivering TV content people can get excited about over the past couple of years. In particular, Yellowstone has been a huge hit and was the #1 scripted series of the summer in 2019. It's no real wonder the network would want to keep the relationship with Taylor Sheridan open and try new types of content in the coming months. Now, we'll just have to wait and see if Mayor of Kings is able to find a big audience. (I'd assume finding a big star like Kevin Costner might help.)

For now, Yellowstone Season 3 is on its way (we've finally seen some footage!) and will be hitting the schedule in June of 2020. To see more of what will hit TV this winter, be sure to check out our TV premiere schedule for new and returning shows. And stay tuned for more on Mayor of Kings, y'all.

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