Yellowstone Will Probably Get A Spinoff On Paramount, But Who Should It Follow?

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Considering how well Yellowstone has performed in the ratings, it will probably get a spinoff on Paramount Network. The Western scored impressive numbers throughout the two seasons that have aired so far. It earned respectable ratings in its freshman season before hitting it out of the park with its sophomore run. Expanding the world of Yellowstone seems like a natural move at this point.

If there is a spinoff, who should it follow? Yellowstone has an incredible cast of characters, and it would be tough to lose any of them to their own show. The Duttons and company make a compelling centerpiece. Yellowstone plans to go on for a while, so there is certainly no rush. However, why not strike while the iron is hot?

It does not get any hotter than the Kevin Costner-led drama at this point. Fans are anxiously awaiting Season 3 already, and there is something Yellowstone continues to demonstrate. Its creators have a seemingly tireless ability to conjure intriguing new characters to fill its world. Could one of them lead a spinoff?

Maybe. The world of Yellowstone is vast, and there have been hints it has only been able to give viewers glimpses of it. Why not an even more expanded peek? There could be a whole show surrounding the characters of the bunkhouse and the world of the rodeo. Who else could lead their own spinoff? Here are some options.

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Thomas Rainwater

Gil Birmingham could absolutely lead his own spinoff. His incredibly interesting character, Thomas Rainwater, has been at the forefront of many pivotal storylines on Yellowstone. As Season 3 approaches, he still has his plans for the casino ready to move ahead. A series that focuses on him and provides a more expansive emphasis on the local Indian reservation would be great!

There is a lot of potential story for a spinoff to engage in and sift through. Casting for Season 3 has revealed that Thomas Rainwater will thankfully remain a critical focus for Yellowstone. I would love it if he remained on the original series and then led a spinoff that aired in between seasons.

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Monica and Kayce

There is always the chance that all of the foreshadowing surrounding Monica and Kayce's life on the ranch could lead them to their own show. There have been hints they could take Tate and move away from the family abode. Yellowstone just started expanding Monica’s presence on the ranch, and it was amazing!

But the show needs more Beth and Monica scenes! Losing their dynamic right after finding it would be rough. That said, Kayce and Monica have what it takes to anchor their own show. This viewer and many more are rooting for the couple and their family. Maybe they could go set up a rival ranch? It is feasible.

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Beth and Rip

Another potential option is a Beth/Rip spinoff. Both characters have been breakout hits among fans, and they have what it takes to lead their own show. Imagine not having to wonder if Beth and Rip are going to share a scene in an episode of Yellowstone. Instead know that they will, by way of their own show!

I could get used to that. Rip is very loyal to the ranch. So, if he and Beth were to lead their own show that would probably spell bad news for the Yellowstone. Not to mention, John Dutton. He loves Beth and gave Rip a massive gesture of respect. Why would they leave him and accordingly, the show?

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Another spinoff possibility entails Jamie. His future is very much up in the air as Yellowstone heads into its third season. He murdered a reporter, almost took his own life, reinvented himself as a rancher, and is supposedly going to be a father. Jamie is going into Season 3 with an ultimatum coming at him.

Could Jamie decide to leave the ranch and solely focus on building a new family? It is possible. Jamie has a caustic relationship with his sister, Beth, and a not-so-great relationship with his father. Things between him and Kayce seem okay. Regardless, he could choose to cut his losses. Cue the Yellowstone spinoff: Jamie-stone. Working title, obviously.

Yellowstone has a deep well of characters to choose from. Not to mention the potential for more than a few prequels (John and Evelyn: The Newlywed Years). During its first two seasons, the drama continued to build its unique world with a strong sense of self. If Yellowstone spinoffs are on their way, you know I will be watching!

Yellowstone Season 3 does not have a release date yet, so keep staying tuned! It will premiere on Paramount Network. In a bid to somehow keep yourself entertained in the meantime, check out this fall’s premieres.

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