Yellowstone Season 3 First Look Clip Introduces Beth To A Brand New Character

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Yellowstone has gifted fans with a brand new clip from Season 3! It's not just any clip, either! The scene in question revolves around the fiery Beth Dutton meeting Josh Holloway’s new character for the first time on Yellowstone. It's the first really good look at what is coming up and offers one heck of an exchange as well.

If you thought that what was coming up between Kelly Reilly’s Beth and Josh Holloway’s Roarke Carter would make for some very compelling television, it seems you were right. Find out how Beth and Roarke meet on Yellowstone and what they make of each other in the Season 3 clip below.

Yes, that was absolutely sensational! Beth and Roarke Carter just squared off, and you can tell he is already intrigued. Beth’s reaction to him is a little more annoyed than enamored at this point. That could change eventually! Kevin Costner did tease “big drama” would lie ahead! One thing is evident from this clip of Yellowstone Season 3, Roarke, and Beth have chemistry! Can you tell I'm excited?

While remaining the Beth/Rip shipper that I am, I suspected that it was a likely scenario ever since Josh Holloway’s Yellowstone casting was announced. What I did not realize is that Holloway’s Roarke would also be in the family ranching business. In the Season 3 scene he says that his family owns Cross Creek Ranch. Interesting!

Whatever is brewing between Beth and Roarke (besides some incredible chemistry), it will not reach the point of him meeting Beth’s brother, Kayce. Luke Grimes has confirmed that he did not film any Yellowstone scenes with Josh Holloway for Season 3. That does provide some clues as to where Roarke’s story may be headed.

I really hope that Beth stays true to Rip, and they can carve out a life together despite Roarke’s potential pursuit of her. Beth starting out Season 3 with a disdain for Roarke is certainly a hopeful sign for her Yellowstone future with Rip. Plus, Cole Hauser had some great things to say about where they are headed.

Beth’s feelings about people do not tend to change too much. Hence, it will be interesting to see if her take on Roarke evolves at all as Season 3 progresses. In related news, the first look clip does seem to indicate that Yellowstone will pick up shortly after its previous season ended.

Beth is still visibly healing from the horrible assault she survived last season that was ordered by the now-deceased Malcolm Beck. Yellowstone picking up shortly after its previous installment means that it will not gloss over anything that happened prior, I'd assume, which is a welcome development if I do say so myself. What lies ahead in Yellowstone Season 3 has me even more excited after watching this clip.

Roarke clearly likes to bend the rules, and Beth is anxious to call him on it. Someone’s charm is certainly not working on Beth Dutton, and I have to imagine that is a rarity for the clearly charismatic Roarke. Cue whatever is meant to come in Yellowstone Season 3. As long as Beth and Rip remain in love, I am here for it.

Yellowstone will return for Season 3 after this winter’s premieres. Season 3 is currently slated to bow this summer on Paramount Network and we'll keep you updated as those new episodes start to come together.

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