Vikings Gave Two Characters A Surprising Reunion Ahead Of Midseason Finale

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Spoiler Alert: Details for the January 29 episode of Vikings Season 6 entitled “Resurrection” are discussed below!

If you thought that Bjorn’s decision to banish Hvitserk into the great unknown was a bad one, Vikings vindicated those opinions in the latest episode of Season 6 entitled "Resurrection, which delivered a surprising reunion ahead of the midseason finale. As Hvitserk wandered through the forest, he ran into an all-too-familiar face, his brother Ivar’s.

At first, I expected Ivar to punish Hvitserk for siding with Bjorn in the battle for Kattegat. Ivar is not known for his forgiveness on Vikings, to put things lightly. Nevertheless, whatever Ivar was feeling towards his brother seemingly dissipated due to the close bond shared with Hvitserk, and Ivar took his brother all the way back to Rus.

After they reunited, Hvitserk started bragging about killing Lagertha to Ivar. So much for the remorse he showed to Bjorn and Lagertha during her final moments! Though perhaps those particular boasts came from Hvitserk wanting to rub it in Ivar’s face that he got to succeed in doing something he knew Ivar wanted to accomplish. Or maybe this is how Hvitserk legitimately feels. After all, it is not the first time he has said such a thing on Vikings.

What was entirely unexpected here is that Hvitserk and Ivar seemed to step right back into their old relationship patterns. The two were interacting as if nothing ever happened to cause strife between them, and the promo for the midseason finale seemingly shows them in battle together. That development is incredibly strange, considering how Hvitserk had been acting on Vikings throughout the first half of Season 6.

In short, Hvitserk had been (rightfully) seething over Ivar murdering his girlfriend. Whenever you think of Oleg’s cruelty, remember that Ivar ordered Hvitserk’s girlfriend and others to be burned alive. Hvitserk had been anguishing over it and took to drugs in coping with the trauma. Fast-forward to Vikings’ latest episode, and he is acting like nothing ever happened.

Seriously? Hvitserk does not have the most robust personal constitution, it's true, and he tends to go where the wind blows or get behind whoever it is blowing in favor of. Still, to have him immediately drop his vendetta against Ivar because Ivar warmed him up, gave him food, and took him to Rus is pretty shocking by all means. Vikings could be setting viewers up for another surprise with this one.

Hvitserk seemingly did a great job feigning remorse over killing Bjorn’s mother, Lagertha, so maybe he is putting on another performance as a guy over his and his brother’s feud. Earlier in Season 6, Hvitserk indicated he was destined to kill Ivar. If he still wants that, he will have to make Ivar believe he is not a threat.

This is giving Hvitserk a lot of credit for brains and cunning, though. Out of Ragnar’s sons, Ivar is undoubtedly the craftiest of them all. For Hvitserk to attempt to outmaneuver Ivar would be quite astonishing. That said, Hvitserk has spun what he did to Lagertha to both of his brothers, so he knows how to take advantage of the situation he finds himself in, which is something.

Hvitserk coming up with a game-plan to disarm Ivar still seems a bit generous to suggest. He is probably angry at Bjorn, and historically on Vikings, Hvitserk has a tendency to exhibit fleeting loyalty to whoever is taking care of him in the moment. If Ivar is the one providing, he can probably count on Hvitserk’s devotion, at least for now.

Find out what happens between Hvitserk and Ivar when the midseason finale of Vikings Season 6 airs next Wednesday, February 5, at 10 p.m. ET on History. The final season is one of the midseason’s premieres.

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