How BoJack Horseman's Will Arnett Feels About Saying Goodbye To The Netflix Comedy

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Until recently, BoJack Horseman was the only remaining Netflix original from the streaming service's first wave of scripted programming, with the animated series having outlasted the runs of contemporaries such as House of Cards and Orange in the New Black. (Even if Kevin Spacey continues to run with his Frank Underwood character.) Regardless, Netflix did pull the plug on the dark-as-night comedy, which closed out its Hollywoo-skewing sixth season in January. Yet someone who hasn't said much about BoJack's swan song is the star himself, Will Arnett.

A performer who presumably doesn't have time to do a lot of press since he's got 17 projects always in motion, Will Arnett does indeed have a new BBC comedy on the way dubbed The First Team. It was while he was handling some promotion for that series that he broached the topic of BoJack's end. In his words:

It’s bittersweet. I feel satisfied with what we did. [Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg] is an incredible writer and I feel fortunate I got to be a part of something like that, and ride his coattails a bit. . . . Last week, we had a little screening in L.A. and Raphael, [Paul F. Tompkins] and [Aaron Paul] and I were talking. We were like, ‘What (else) can we do?’ We’re always doing that because it’s hard to let go.

Okay, so exactly where is the dotted line that I can sign in order to bring Will Arnett, Paul F. Tompkins and Aaron Paul back together with Raphael Bob-Waksberg? And is there room to write in other much-needed actors' names, such as Allison Brie and Amy Sedaris? I mean seriously, if all of those creative minds and voices got together for another series in the aftermath of BoJack Horseman's finale, that might loosen up some of the ill feelings that still remain just from its cancellation announcement. (You might recall Bob-Waksberg was pretty vocal about it, among other things involving Netflix.)

Noting to Variety that he has been happy with all the fan reactions he has seen for the finale, Will Arnett talked about BoJack Horseman holding a special place in his career, saying:

You do so many things over the course of your life and (when) you realize you’re part of something that’s really quite special, it’s important to take a moment to recognize it.

No other TV show will ever be able to pull off everything that BoJack Horseman did, from the sharp-edged look at the entertainment industry to the brutally honest takes on family life (and death) to the absolutely amazing examples of alliteration and tongue twisters. Hell, no non-BoJack show will ever even have another Judah. Isn't that right, Judah?

Thankfully, all six seasons of BoJack Horseman will always be available to stream for anyone who has Netflix, so the characters will never really be gone from our lives. While waiting patiently to hear about more, and while hoping against any other Netflix cancellations to drop, head to our Winter and Spring TV premiere schedule to see what new shows are on the way.

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