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Ken Jeong The Masked Singer Fox

The Masked Singer is a show of mystery, and part of its appeal is finding out exactly who is hiding beneath the masks at the end of every episode. It's a concept some audiences are just now getting behind in Season 3, though they may be a bit late to the game now that the season is already underway.

For anyone needing to play catch up, or just can't remember the rundown of who all has been unmasked in The Masked Singer Season 3, this list is for you. Below are all the masked competitors that have been eliminated in the competition so far, and who they turned out to be when the mask came off. In case it needs to be said, there will be spoilers on all revealed singers so far, so read at your own risk!

The Robot The Masked Singer Fox

The Robot

The Robot was the first to be eliminated from Season 3 of the competition, which meant the judges didn't have a lot to go on ahead of his unmasking. They knew he more or less spoke rather than sang the lyrics to Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way," and that his Robot persona was a product of his real-life tough exterior. That's not a lot to go on, so obviously the judges were all over the place with their guesses.

The mask came off, and The Robot was revealed to be rapper Lil Wayne. It was a huge surprise, and about one of the biggest current names to have graced The Masked Singer stage. Though he didn't last long, Lil Wayne's appearance helped drive home that there's no one who is "too big" to be on this show.

The Llama The Masked Singer Fox

The Llama

The Llama entered the competition with one of the more elaborate costumes in The Masked Singer Season 3, complete with a full backside and additional legs to make him look like an actual llama. The Llama kicked off his run with a solid rendition of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs," but later went a little more subdued with Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual." Eventually he was eliminated, though judges didn't get a solid read on who Llama was despite clues that mentioned his history in radio, connection to Seattle, and accordion playing.

No, this wasn't Weird Al Yankovic, but host of The Price Is Right Drew Carey. It was a reveal that wasn't entirely shocking to the super sleuths of the internet, but it's understandable that Carey was able to throw judges (and his friends) off the trail with his clues. Perhaps more would have sniffed him out if he had gone hard with nods to Cleveland and had more heavy-handed references to The Price Is Right.

Miss Monster The Masked Singer Fox

Miss Monster

If there was a rundown of the most shocking eliminations on The Masked Singer, this is surely at the top of the list. Miss Monster had a great voice, and could handily sing her way around songs by Bonnie Raitt and Bobbie Gentry. Perhaps singing the songs of older singers may have tipped the judges off to her age, as did her unmistakable singing voice. The references to Chicago basically sealed the deal for some, many of whom had their suspicions the moment she opened her mouth.

The judges weren't shocked to see it was Chaka Khan underneath the mask of Miss Monster, but they were shocked to see her go so early. As The Masked Singer fans may remember, The White Tiger (who we almost certainly know the identity of) did a pretty horrendous but spirited performance of Queen's "We Will Rock You," and really should've gone home if votes were based solely on singing ability. It wasn't in the cards, however, so Chaka Khan went home so that The White Tiger and others in Group A could advance to the final 9.

The Elephant The Masked Singer Fox

The Elephant

The Elephant gave off a powerful energy in Group B of The Masked Singer Season 3. If only his voice was as strong as his energy! His talk of leading movements and visiting the White House had the judges stumped, especially after hearing him do The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love.” In truth, he wasn't really a bad singer, but the Group B competitors are a much stronger group vocally than Group A.

As is often the case with early group eliminations, The Elephant's unmasking as Tony Hawk completely blindsided the judges. It also helped that The Masked Singer abstained from using any skateboards in his clue package, which was a tremendous show of restraint from the Fox series. Can you imagine how amazing it would've been to see him do a kickflip in that costume?

The Mouse The Masked Singer Fox

The Mouse

Just when it seemed the madness had peaked with Miss Monster, The Masked Singer Season 3 dropped another talented competitor due to its odd voting method. The Mouse had a great classically trained voice, and did fantastic takes on songs by Oleta Adams and Natalie Cole. The only downside were her performances totally betrayed her voice, which judge Robin Thicke sniffed out immediately.

The Mouse was eliminated, and as Thicke had guessed from the jump, it was legendary singer Dionne Warwick underneath the mask. It seems like an impossible task to sneak any of these legendary soul singers through without Thicke knowing, but perhaps one day somebody will be invited that he didn't listen to on his way to stardom. For now it's fine, but if Ken Jeong starts figuring these soul singers out before they're unmasked, then maybe it'll be time to start searching elsewhere for musical talent elsewhere.

Taco The Masked Singer Fox

The Taco

If The Masked Singer was a costume contest and nothing more, The Taco would’ve been Top 3 easy. This is a singing competition though, and while it was close, The Taco’s singing of songs by Frank Sinatra and Elvis just wasn’t spicy enough to be a part of Group B’s final 9. The judges were a little stumped on who to guess for taco, and had guesses like Howie Mandell and Regis Philbin.

The judges were on point by guessing the hosts of notable television shows, but fell just a couple guesses short of guessing Tom Bergeron. The Dancing With The Stars host and former America’s Funniest Home Videos host was an obvious get for the internet, but as usual, the judges were a bit slow to the take. Perhaps if there had been a little more dancing clues, they would've got it?

The Bear The Masked Singer Fox

The Bear

Group C really had some characters in its lineup, and a lot of talent. The Bear was clearly out on her own and couldn't hold a note to the rest of the group in round one, but at least she had some spunk. She did a spirited rendition of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back," and inspired the judges to guess she was potentially someone from Saturday Night Live like Tina Fey.

The guess was close, but only in the sense that the celebrity was someone Tina Fey often portrayed. That's right, The Masked Singer somehow got that much crazier when it was revealed The Bear was former governor of Alaska and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The reveal was crazy enough, though the fact that the episode ran a bit longer just to show Palin singing "Baby Got Back" with the mask off certainly made the experience all the more surreal.

The Swan The Masked Singer Fox

The Swan

The Swan had a strong start on The Masked Singer, but she quickly fizzled out in the second round of the competition. Swan was one competitor that didn't just have the judges stumped, but had the internet up in arms as well. Guesses ranged from The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev, to other actresses like Kristen Stewart.

The world was on track with it being an actress, though they were off the mark on who it was. Bella Thorne had been the swan all along, and I'd like to think she would've been sniffed out had there been more Disney-related or even some risque porn clues. Alas, that didn't happen and Thorne's unmasking was a legit surprise to many. The reveal was especially embarrassing for Ken Jeong, who had acted alongside Thorne in The Duff.

The Dinosaur The Masked Singer Fox

The Dinosaur

The Dinosaur may be the oldest animal to be featured on The Masked Singer, but she brought more energy than an entire season's worth of competitors. Her singing wasn't top notch, but it was solid enough to entertain the masses as she danced across the stage. Judges were all over the place initially with guesses, but soon closed in down the stretch.

In what was a surprise to very few people, The Dinosaur turned out to be Jojo Siwa. The dance moves alone were a dead giveaway, as were all the references to her early career on Dance Moms. Siwa missed out on the Final 9, which is a real shame because she put her tour on hold to be on the show.


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