Bachelor Spoilers: Does Madison Quit Or Return After Overnight Dates Episode?

The Bachelor 2020 Peter hugs Madison as she cries overnight dates ABC

SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

UPDATE: Here are Reality Steve's updated spoilers for the finale, as of March 5, including what reportedly happens with Peter and Madison, and where things stand now.

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Real talk: If you were virgin Madison Prewett on The Bachelor 2020 with Peter Weber, what would you do? Return after the overnight dates or quit over Bachelor Peter having sex with the other women and not being The One? Madison made her sex position clear during Bachelor Peter's overnight dates episode. It was awkward. There were overlaps with Luke P. last year, but also major differences.

Spoilers already warned us that Bachelor Peter's Monday, February 24 fantasy suites episode would end on something of a cliffhanger -- before the overnight dates rose ceremony. The episode ends after Peter's admission to Madison that he was "intimate" with other women. Madison cried in his arms and they parted ways. For now or forever?

Does Madison quit or return? Yes and yes?

First, Madison returns in time for Bachelor Peter's overnight dates rose ceremony, which will be shown at the start of next Monday's March 2, 2020 episode. That's the "Women Tell All" special episode, but it's starting with the rose ceremony to keep this drama train going.

Spoilers had already come out about Madison "self-eliminating," as Reality Steve put it. She apparently quits The Bachelor 2020, but NOT until the final week. It's after she meets Bachelor Peter's parents again. She already met them for her first date with Peter, but the final two meet the parents again. Since Madison does that, we know that -- if she does indeed quit as spoiled -- she leaves Peter very close to the end. Maybe even right before the final rose ceremony? We're waiting for spoilers on that and should get them as early as tomorrow.

First, it's going to look like Madison won't show up for the overnight dates rose ceremony next Monday (3/2), but she eventually does show up. (Apparently that shot in the promo of Hannah Ann crying about not knowing what to do happens at the final 3 rose ceremony, since she's not sure what's going on with Madison absent.)

When Madison does arrive at the overnight dates rose ceremony, Peter offers her a rose and she seems reluctant, but does accept it. Victoria F. is the one eliminated.

By starting the WTA episode with the results of the overnight ceremony, The Bachelor gets to drag out the Madison sex drama for another week, and ABC also gets Victoria F. on the "Women Tell All" special to address her drama. (Here's everything that happens during the WTA episode, it's going to be a hot mess.)

So Bachelor Peter's final two are Hannah Ann and Madison. That's the spoiler we've had from Reality Steve since the finale was taped back in mid-November 2019. Trouble is, Bachelor Peter reportedly did not have a "normal ending" where he dumped one woman and got engaged to the other. Something happened, and Peter was pretty sure no one would guess or spoil it.

However, Reality Steve said he was finally ready to throw down a theory on how Bachelor Peter Weber's season ends, and he planned to do that tomorrow (Tuesday, February 25). Up to this point, he said he thought Peter was with Madison, dating but not engaged. Madison was recently seen filming something with The Bachelor team, and that was reportedly not for The Bachelorette. (It looks like Kelsey is the new frontrunner to be the next Bachelorette, which ... OK.)

So it's possible Reality Steve is about to confirm Peter is with Madison, but there's also still a possibility that Peter is now with Hannah Ann, who recently revealed she's moving very close to Peter after the finale.

Is Jimmy Kimmel right or was Tiffany Haddish right all along? We'll find out when The Bachelor Season 24 finale airs Monday, March 9 with the "After the Final Rose" special on Tuesday, March 10.

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