Can Chicago P.D.'s Halstead Talk Some Sense Into Will After Latest Chicago Med Twist?

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 15 of Chicago Med Season 5, called "I Will Do No Harm."

Chicago Med's Will Halstead made a difficult discovery in "I Will Do No Harm" when he learned that his efforts to guide Hannah to the straight and narrow didn't result in her immediate recovery from her addiction. Despite his belief that the drug-addicted obstetrician he hooked up with would turn herself in, Hannah disappeared on him while a patient of hers was in serious danger. This is just the latest misstep in a series of Season 5 missteps by Will; does he need a brotherly intervention from P.D.'s Jay Halstead to get his head on straight?

Look, I decided that hooking up with Hannah was one of Will's worst decisions of the season right after that episode aired, but I didn't think it was going to backfire on him so quickly! While I normally wouldn't suggest that Jay should give life advice to anybody considering his own methods of coping that aren't exactly the healthiest (and he just got shot because of a catastrophic decision), I have two reasons to wonder if Jay could assist his brother in this difficult time.

Jay Has Experience With Addicts

On top of Jay being Will's brother and probably the closest person in the world to him who doesn't work at the hospital, Jay has experience with drug addicts in Chicago, and not just because of the big Fire/P.D. crossover all about a drug epidemic! Obviously Will wasn't going to confide in his cop brother when he was working at the illegal safe injection site, but Jay could now be a valuable asset to his brother.

That's not to say that Jay is always the most mature when he drops by Med for plots involving his brother, but Jay's reaction to Will's handling of the Hannah situation could at least give Will some clarity. If he agrees or disagrees with what Jay would have to say, Will might come up with a solution that works for him. If they're on good terms, Jay could help Will. If they fight about it, Will could figure out where he stands.

All of this said, Chicago Med could and might find a confidante for Will without borrowing somebody from Chicago P.D. If not for one other big reason, I wouldn't even speculate about Jay stepping up for his brother. Or being able to step up. Those Halstead bros are not known for their good decisions when emotions are involved!

Jay Halstead Is Coming To Chicago Med

Yes, Jesse Lee Soffer is coming to Chicago Med in the very next episode. A promotional photo for the March 4 episode of Chicago Med reveals Jay in the mix on Med. Although he's not seen with Will (or any other major Med character), it stands to reason that his visit to Med could involve meeting with his brother. It's not out of the realm of possibility, right?  And hey, Will probably doesn't know most of the bad decisions Jay has made in recent seasons, so maybe he would ask his brother for advice!

In all seriousness, I'm not sure what the future holds for Will unless he gets his head on straight. He was already kind of a wreck before finding out that one of the addicts at his safe injection site was also a colleague working with pregnant women and infants, and hooking up with Hannah wasn't his best idea. Considering Hannah has leverage over Will and Will just outed her as an addict, his own career could be in jeopardy.

He can't confide in Natalie anymore, the love triangle of the season has Ethan, April, and Crockett occupied, Maggie has enough going on without Will's latest crisis, and most of the others have their own stories going. I could see Dr. Charles lending an ear, but confiding in a colleague could be risky. Still, maybe Will will just try to handle this all on his own without any colleagues or Jay.

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