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The Masked Singer's Taco Got Help Concealing His Identity From Another Hit Show

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer's "Friends In High Places." Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer rounded out its final round of eliminations for Group B, and thankfully, this week did not see the elimination of another legendary singer. I could argue The Taco was a bit of a legend in another regard, as television audiences know Tom Bergeron through his ABC stints on America's Funniest Home Videos and, of course, Dancing With The Stars.

Now that he has been unmasked, Bergeron is talking about his time on The Masked Singer, and how folks who had been involved with Dancing With The Stars helped conceal his identity. According to the host, they alerted him to some things about his natural habits that he wasn't even aware of.

I was more worried about some of the physical gestures I’ve been told I’m prone to. And happily, quite a few members of the production team on Masked Singer used to be on Dancing. I was talking with one of the producers, he was cautioning me, 'You always drop your mic to the side when Erin [Andrews, Dancing With the Stars co-host] is talking. And Joe Buck, actually, on Fox Sports, had noted that. I was completely unaware of it. I had to be so careful.

Is this what celebrities mean when they thank "the little people" in Hollywood? While the tips from former Dancing With The Stars crew didn't necessarily improve Tom Bergeron's singing ability or ensure his survival on to the late stages of the competition, they sure did throw the judges off the trail. None of them were able to sniff out Bergeron, even with the more obvious clues of VHS tapes. Of course, The Taco's clues were awfully light on dancing, which I have to think would've made a difference.

While the former Dancing With The Stars staff was able to keep Tom Bergeron from falling back on his old habits physically, they may have gotten into his head a bit too much. Bergeron told TVLine he got so caught up in making sure he did stuff different in that regard, he completely forgot to change up another common identifier audiences may know him by.

I was thinking so much about physical stuff, that it didn’t occur to me to worry about the cadence of my speaking. Interestingly, there’s a guy who works for iHeartRadio in New York who does a YouTube thing about Masked Singer, and he pitch-corrects the people when they’re talking to Nick… He pitch-corrected it, and boy, you got me! [Laughs]

You almost have to feel bad for Tom Bergeron, as he tried so hard on the other stuff! Alas, the internet was onto him pretty early in his run, so all the tricks The Masked Singer pulled really only stumped the judges. Honestly, that's all that matters considering there's no at-home vote, which could've been used this season to prevent some shocking eliminations.

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