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11 The Office Funko Pops That Need To Exist

The Office Dwight Funko Pop

Of the many great TV series that have received the Funko Pop treatment, The Office hasn't been entirely neglected. There are quite a few great Pops celebrating the staff of Dunder Mifflin. And yet, when I started to wonder what Pops were missing, the real challenge turned out to be narrowing down the list to a manageable selection of characters (or versions of characters) that have yet to to be Pop'ed.

I'm especially selective about which Funko Pops I purchase. In an effort not to allow my home and workspace to become completely overrun by Pops (as it would if i were to buy every Pop I ever liked), I try to save my purchases for the Pops I absolutely must own. Kevin with his chili pot (opens in new tab) was a must-own and currently resides on my desk at work, if only to remind me that mistakes happen. It's only human natural, right?

There are a number of other great Office pops that have caught my eye, but there are even more that don't exist yet and should. Here are some Office Funko Pops that need to be made...

Michael with his grilled foot in The Office

Michael Scott with a Grilled Foot

We've seen World's Best Boss Michael, Date Mike (opens in new tab) and even Classy Santa Michael (opens in new tab). Where is the Michael Scott with the grilled foot? This is a reference to "The Injury," in which Michael Scott calls the office distressed, revealing that he burned his foot on a George Foreman grill, which he set out so he could wake up to the smell of fresh bacon.

"I burned my foot!"

A Grilled Foot Michael Scott would naturally have the Dunder Mifflin Scranton boss propped up on crutches, with one bare foot wrapped carefully in bubble wrap. Bonus points if Michael's elbow has a protuberance.

Phyllis listening to Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades Of Phyllis

How are there no Phyllis Funko Pops yet? When I first thought about what kinds of Phyllis Funko Pops would be best, I considered the idea of a Pop of Phyllis as depicted by Stanley in the little sculpture he made for her, complete with Flamingo legs. But if Phyllis has no Pop yet, I think her first one needs to be of her at the office, and what better Phyllis is there than the one we see in Season 9's "Promos" episode when Phyllis is enjoying the audiobook of Fifty Shades of Grey a little too much.

While I'd probably laugh at a Pop of a drenched Phyllis looking stunned moments after Dwight dumped a bucket of water on her, I think a Pop of Phyllis with that goofy smile on her face and her earbuds plugged in would do the trick. Bonus points if this Pop can somehow smell like real pine, courtesy of a certain perfume obtained by Bob Vance in metropolitan Orlando.

Ryan from The Office with his haircut

New York Haircut Ryan

I'm not sure why Ryan Howard hasn't been Pop'ed yet, but B.J. Novak's character has yet to be represented in Funko Pop form. Of all the versions of Ryan we see in The Office, I think the first one should be New York Haircut Ryan. You know, the arrogant V.P. version of the character, complete with the shadow of a beard and that $200 dollar haircut he's so proud of.

I'd also take post-Ft. Lauderdale bleach-blonde Ryan, or Fire-Guy Ryan (holding a burnt cheese pita in his hand.)

Jim and Pam getting married in Niagara Falls

Jim and Pam's First Wedding

We've seen Pam as a Funko Pop. We've seen Jim in numerous Pop editions. But there's no double set of Jim and Pam together, and what better versions of them to exist -- beyond a classic looking Jim & Pam in their office attire -- than a bride and groom Jim and Pam? More specifically, Jim and Pam from the first of their two wedding ceremonies at Niagara Falls.

I'm thinking this 2-pack Funko set could have the happy couple sporting their Maid of the Mist ponchos, or else, without the ponchos (as they took them off right before their nuptials) but looking a bit misted from the spray of Niagara Falls nearby.

I also kind of need an Office Pop of Pam with her teapot.

Angela and Bandit in The Office

Angela and Bandit

Save Bandit! This list would not be complete if there weren't at least one Funko Pop idea to come from one of the greatest cold opens in The Office history. I am, of course, referring to Season 5's "Stress Relief." Dwight creates a fire scenario at the office and chaos quickly ensues. That includes Angela trying to get Oscar to help Bandit escape through the ceiling. She then proceeds to toss him up into the ceiling to disastrous results.

A Funko Pop of Angela with any of her cats is a must-exist. But Bandit was practically the office cat. He lived through that nightmare of a fire situation, he's earned the right to exist in Pop form.

Oscar as the rational consumer in The Office.

The Rational Consumer Oscar... As It Were

Oscar is another character with no Funko Pop yet, but if he were to be Pop'ed, it seems only rational that he should be represented in one of his Halloween costumes. Or non-costume, as it were. In Season 7's "Costume Contest," Oscar grows so annoyed that everyone is obsessing over the coupon book that's up for grabs to whoever wins for best costume that he changes out of his disco-guy costume and walks the contest in his own clothes, presenting himself as the "rational consumer."

Rational Consumer Oscar seems like the perfect Funko Pop to represent Oscar, both because it'll look like a regular smartly-dressed version of the accountant, but also pays homage to his determination to be the most clever guy in the room. If this Pop ever does exist, please make sure he's doing the air quotes.

Andy with a tie and no shirt in The Office

Andy In A Tie With No Shirt

Rational Consumer Oscar isn't the only character version I want to see Pop'ed from "Costume Contest." This also happens to be the episode that begins with a cold open featuring the staff trying to see if Stanley will notice anything around him (other than that the clock is slow). Andy's attempt to get Stanley's attention is to answer a crossword question wearing a tie and no shirt underneath. We already have an Andy Funko Pop of him with his banjo (opens in new tab). Shirtless Andy seems like a perfect followup, if only to remind us that "handbag" is a 7-letter word for purse.

This could also work as a double set with Kevin dressed in Phyllis' sweater.

Kelly Kapoor showing off her business skills

Kelly Kapoor As The Business Bitch

We're getting our first Kelly Kapoor Funko Pop (opens in new tab) in the form of Casual Day Kelly, looking completely fab (and much more dressed than Meredith's Pop (opens in new tab) for the same episode). But what about The Business Bitch? This is how Kelly branded herself in Season 7's "The Seminar," when she helpfully called her business professor to share the "10 secrets of business" via speakerphone at Andy's seminar.

A Business Kelly Funko Pop would of course have Kelly looking business-glamorous as she holds up a cell phone for anyone who needs to know those business secrets. We never did get to see Kelly working out her other projects ("The Diet Bitch," "The Shopping Bitch," "The Etiquette Bitch"), but I kind of want to see Pops of those too anyway.

Dwight wearing a Meredith wig in The Office

Dwight as Meredith

A number of Dwight Pops (opens in new tab) have been released and for good reason. Of all of the Office characters, Dwight's among the most memorable for a variety of reasons. We've seen regular Dwight (opens in new tab), blonde Dwight, Hay King Dwight (opens in new tab) and even Recyclops Dwight (opens in new tab), among others. Now it's time to see Dwight in some of his stealthier looks. I am, of course, talking about Dwight in one of his (apparently) many wigs.

In "Classy Christmas," Dwight used a clever Pam wig-and-sweater combo to pose as Jim Halpert's better half, lulling him into a false set of security only to pelt him with snowballs in the middle of the office. While his Pam disguise would certainly make for a fantastic Funko Pop figure, I'm more interested in seeing Dwight dressed in a Meredith wig. It's just the right level of funny and disturbing.

Darryl in a tuxedo in The Office

Darryl Dressed Up For Val

Darryl isn't one to goof around all that often. He's at work to work, so it makes sense that his existing Funko Pop would be him in his warehouse uniform (opens in new tab). But there's a softer side to Darryl that occasionally emerges, which brings us back to another Christmas episode. In Season 8's "Christmas Wishes," Darryl encourages Val to stop by the Christmas party, mentioning that people get dressed up for the event. What he meant was that people dress nicer than their usual work clothes, but Val took his comment to mean formally dressed up. After she shows up in a gorgeous gown, clearly standing out from everyone and feeling awkward in the process, Darryl does the only possible thing he could do to right the situation. He leaves and returns dressed in a tux.

We need dapper Darryl as a Funko Pop. It's easily one of his most charming moments.

Dwight and Angela doing karaoke in The Office

Dwight and Angela Doing Karaoke

What can I say? I'm a sucker for the Christmas Party episodes. There are a lot of Dwight and Angela Funko Pop sets that could exist to celebrate the once-secret office couple. Why not start with one of the earlier seasons and give us Angela proudly singing her favorite song ("The Little Drummer Boy") while Dwight gallantly holds the microphone for her.

This Dwight and Angela Funko Pop would need Angela in her high collared shirt with green streaks in her hair, her hands locked in front of her. And naturally, Dwight would need to be kneeling, looking up at her with stern fondness, as only Dwight can.

Do you agree that these are all very necessary Office Funko Pops? Or do you have your own wishlist? Sound off in the comments.

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