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Bachelor Producer Finally Breaks Silence On Rumor She Was Dating Peter Weber

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Remember how Peter Weber was rumored to end up with one of The Bachelor’s producers? It was one of the 2020 season’s most prevalent fan theories, and it picked up so much steam that even The Bachelor’s host, Chris Harrison, ended up weighing in on it. Fast forward past that “scary” live finale, and that producer, Julie LaPlaca, is speaking out.

Now that Peter’s season of The Bachelor is finally over, it is time to clear up the air surrounding the friendly skies that Peter has flown. The producer at the center of all of the speculation is doing just that on social media. Julie LaPlaca posted a picture confirming fans’ speculation about one aspect, and seeming to deny the other. Check out her Instagram post:

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Julie LaPlaca denied kissing Peter at midnight during this past New Year’s. She also indicated that whoever Peter ends up with will be very fortunate. As of now, Peter is single following his surprising breakup with Madison Prewett, not too long after The Bachelor’s live finale. A fireworks show that Chris Harrison admitted hating to watch.

As for the producer and Peter ending up together? Fans will have to wait and see. Right now, it seems like the two are platonic. Back when The Bachelor’s host, Chris Harrison, had weighed in on the rumor that Peter was dating the producer, Harrison called the relationship “intimate” and then said after spending so much time together, “sometimes lines get blurred.”

Is there a chance that Peter and producer Julie could end up together? Anything is certainly possible in these highly uncertain Bachelor times. Peter and Madison seemed to be a united front during the finale, only to break up just days later. Now the world waits to see what Peter does next.

Peter’s mom Barb may have wished those rumors about Peter ending up with Kelley Flanagan were true. How would she feel if Peter ended up getting with The Bachelor producer instead? Something tells me that Barb would let her son (and the world) know. Time will have to reveal what happens now that The Bachelor is over. So much has happened already!

Hannah Ann Sluss shared a timeline for her breakup with Peter. Meanwhile, Madison’s dad has shared how he felt watching The Bachelor finale and suffice it to say, he supports his daughter. Fans will have to stay tuned to see what happens with Peter, the producer, and his romantic future.

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is over, which can only mean one thing! This winter and spring’s premieres are here to look forward to. If you still need more final roses, check out Season 13 of The Bachelor, which is streaming on Netflix along with new 2020 arrivals.

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