Bachelor Spoilers: Hannah Ann Reveals Timeline Of Peter Weber Breakup, From Hannah Brown To Madison Prewett

Hannah Ann glares at Bachelor Peter Weber in 2020 finale ABC

SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020's March 10 finale with Peter Weber, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Madison Prewett.

Oh boy. The Bachelor 2020 finale showed Peter Weber propose to Hannah Ann Sluss, then showed their breakup, followed by Peter reconnecting with runner-up Madison Prewett. Along the way, Hannah Ann noted that 2019 Bachelorette Hannah Brown re-entered the conversation. If you thought you were blindsided by what happened, so was Hannah Ann, since there's so much she didn't know until watching the ABC season back.

Here's a timeline of how it all played out, including details from Hannah Ann Sluss herself on "Bachelor Happy Hour" with former Bachelorettes Rachel Lindsay and -- someone who went through this herself with Bachelor Arie -- Becca Kufrin:

The Bachelor 2020 Final Rose Ceremony

Bachelor Peter's final rose ceremony was reportedly held on November 17, 2019 in Australia. As we know -- but Hannah Ann did not know at the time -- Madison quit shortly before the final rose ceremony in a dramatic emotional exit. Peter only presented it to Hannah Ann as Madison leaving a couple of days prior. Bachelor Peter "completely downplayed" his relationship with Madison the whole time, Hannah Ann told Rachel and Becca. Hannah Ann told the Bachelorettes that she had an inkling that she wasn't getting complete information from Peter, and that's part of why she hesitated before showing up to the final rose ceremony -- leading to Chris Harrison's final rose ceremony update. But Peter said he was going to make a choice that was best for both of them and asked her to trust him, so she did.

Peter And Hannah Ann Were Together When The Bachelor 2020 Premiered

The Bachelor traditionally premieres on the first Monday in January and that happened again with Season 24, which premiered on Monday, January 6, 2020 on ABC. As Rachel Lindsay noted on the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast, they had Peter on their show the first week in January and also talked to his mom Barb, who was so happy at the time -- because Peter and Hannah Ann were still together. They had videos posted January 7th, which was also when Peter went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Jimmy Kimmel predicted that Peter would pick Hannah Ann. Interestingly enough, during Rachel's Jan. 7th interview with Peter, the day after the first episode, she compared Hannah Ann to The Bachelorette's Luke P. and Peter defended her.

Peter Wanted 'Closure' With Hannah Brown A Week Before Breakup With Hannah Ann

Bachelorette Rachel asked Hannah Ann when she and Peter had the Bachelor safe-house breakup conversation that we saw on TV. Hannah Ann said it was in the beginning of January that he approached her that he needed to speak with Hannah Brown. He said he needed closure, and Hannah Ann was confused. As Hannah Ann pointed out, she was not on that Hannah Brown group date during The Bachelor and had no idea Peter and Hannah Brown were all cozy like that until the episode aired.

So Hannah Ann was confused when Peter Weber brought up talking to Hannah Brown again and didn't know why she should feel comfortable with that. He didn't seem ready for any committed relationship.

I think that was a week before we broke up.

Bachelorette Becca Kufrin wondered if "Hannah Brown" was code for Peter speaking to other women, including Madison Prewett. Hannah Ann wasn't sure, since it was so close to them breaking up.

When the season started, Hannah Ann said Peter admitted to her he had "unresolved issues." But she said he completely downplayed his relationship with Madison and that breakup was the first time he admitted he couldn't give her his whole heart. But Hannah Ann said even after the breakup Peter couldn't really own his emotions when it came to Madison. He reached out to Hannah Ann's parents -- Ranger Rick! -- and said that he was "struggling processing his emotions." He was very vague and "speaks half-truths," as she put it. Whenever the Madison conversation came up, in terms of why she left or whatever, Peter acted like it was in the past and kept giving Hannah Ann reassurance. But as the season started airing, things just weren't adding up.

Peter And Hannah Ann Broke Up Super Bowl Week

As to the exact timing of that breakup visit, according to Reality Steve, Peter and Hannah Ann broke up at the end of January in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. Peter was acting single at the Super Bowl, reports said, and technically he was single at that point.

Madison Filmed With The Bachelor Team On February 11

You'll recall the major Madison updates from early February -- including that she was spotted with The Bachelor production team on February 11 in Alabama. Now we know that was part of filming for Chris Harrison's visit. Also, as Reality Steve noted, Madison was at the baby shower for Peter's good friend Courtney back on February 1st. That was just days after Peter and Hannah Ann ended the engagement, and there's a good chance Madison and Courtney talked about Peter at the time, so Chris Harrison's chat was probably not the first time Madison was getting the news about Peter and Hannah Ann.

So it sounds like the breakup played out a few weeks after The Bachelor 2020 started airing, and a few weeks after Jimmy Kimmel predicted Peter picked Hannah Ann but Tiffany Haddish read Peter's expression and thought he picked Madison. (So Kimmel was right again! But so was Tiffany!) As we saw, Hannah Brown had a major presence on screen for the first couple of episodes and there was speculation that she might return in the finale. That did not happen, but now we know from Hannah Ann that even Peter was interested in getting further off-camera closure with Hannah Brown.

For Hannah Brown's part, she seems to be supporting Hannah Ann:

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Watch Hannah Ann Sluss spill all the tea in her "Bachelor Happy Hour" talk. Here's one part:

And here's Hannah Ann explaining her struggle even before the final rose ceremony:

If Bachelorette Clare Crawley wasn't already on her way to finding love (again) I think Hannah Ann would've made an awesome bachelorette. But I have a feeling she's going to kill it on Bachelor in Paradise, and maybe she'll even get engaged like her friend Hannah Godwin last summer. She doesn't seem to have any hard feelings against ABC:

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Will Bachelor Peter and Madison last in the real world? I sincerely doubt it -- Peter can't seem to keep it in his pants, or keep his eye from wandering -- but I kind of hope they do, just to stick it to his mother Barb for being so vicious about everything and saying he'd have to "fail to succeed." But I also wouldn't be shocked if Peter showed up on Bachelor in Paradise this summer just to stir the pot and sleep with anyone who'd have him.

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