Why This Is Us’ Season 4 Finale Fight Had To Be So Brutal

this is us season 4 finale randall kevin

Warning! Spoilers ahead for This is Us’ Season 4 finale, called “Strangers Part Two.”

This Is Us' Big Three have had their fair share of angry outbursts, usually followed by solidarity and understanding. No matter what obstacle they face, Randall, Kevin, and Kate Pearson always figure out a way to do right by each other and themselves. However, the Season 4 finale of This is Us has arguably done the most damage to Kevin and Randall’s already tumultuous relationship. Their heated exchange was brutal to watch, but This is Us showrunner Dan Fogelman revealed why the Season 4 finale fight had to be that way.

Kevin and Randall’s recent exchange may just go down as one of their harshest fights ever. Viewers discovered back in Season 4’s midseason finale that the brothers were no longer speaking. In the Season 4 finale, Kevin found out that Randall was the one who advised Rebecca not to undergo a nine-month clinical trial for her Alzheimer’s disease in St. Louis. He was so furious that he verbally sparred with Randall over the decision, with hurtful words flying. Dan Fogelman recently explained their estrangement, and why their fight just had to be so vicious, telling Deadline:

It had to be something that would really separate these two for a period of time in this family. This is Cain and Abel type stuff between these two; this is a fight that goes back to literally their inception, through them, as alpha males, growing up during exactly the same period of time, both with widely different skillsets.

It really does feel like “Cain and Abel type stuff,” that’s for certain. While the brothers came to respect each other and get along over the course of the show and their lives, flashbacks documented their competitive relationship and, more specifically, Kevin’s insecurities when it came to Randall’s harmonious relationship with parents Rebecca and Jack. All of these issues bubbled back up to the surface during their fight.

Randall struck a nerve when he told Kevin that their dad died ashamed of him, and that he’s spent the rest of his life chasing both Randall and Jack’s shadows. However, it was Kevin who delivered the final blow, revealing that the worst thing that ever happened to him was the day their parents brought Randall home. Ouch!

Just like that, This is Us Season 4 came to a close, leaving jaws on the floor and plenty of time to speculate about how Randall and Kevin will reconcile after that brutal spat. However, the NBC drama has already been renewed through Season 6, so it's certainly likely. Optimistically, the brothers’ issues will be resolved in Season 5, but they could be dragged out for much longer. The suspense!

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Mae Abdulbaki