Jamie Otis looking uncomfortable and getting married on Love At First Sight.

For the past few weeks, leading health officials across the world have discussed the increases in hospitalizations and concerns the health care system will be overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients. Well, part of that concern is because many patients without coronavirus will still need services, such as expectant mothers. Married At First Sight star Jamie Otis is in that boat as she’s 33 weeks pregnant and now trying to figure out where she should give birth.

The central question comes down to location. As a registered nurse, she was initially planning to have a hospital birth to be as safe as possible, but with so many COVID-19 patients clustered in hospitals, she’s worried about the fallout if either she or the baby were to contract the virus. You can read her thoughts below…

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33 wks-almost full term!????????Aaand our birth plan is up in the air.???? It took us 18 months of ttc, 2 losses????????????????, and a whole lotta prayer to get this little guy—we don’t want to risk losing him.????? ? My gut’s telling me that delivering in the hospital right now is not a good idea.????? ? I’ve been up night after night researching our options & weighing pros/cons. I reached out to birthing centers and just today talked with a midwife who has spent her 20+ year career delivering babies right at home.????? ? If you asked me 2 wks ago whether or not I’d consider a home delivery the answer would 100% be “NO!”? ? I’m a labor & delivery nurse and I’ve seen far too many complications happen last minute???? BUT....? ? If I contract COVID-19 I would have to be kept away from my baby for 2 wks to prevent him from catching it...just the thought of that brings me to tears. I couldn’t even imagine being separated????? ? And what if HE catches it?!???? So far there is very little evidence on what happens to newborns, but what I have read is that this virus wreaks havoc on the elderly, immunocompromised & infants.? ? The one place everyone with Covid-19 goes to is the hospital. Hospitals are becoming overloaded with patients and understaffed with healthcare providers.? ? Since my pregnancy has been 100% normal & “qualifies” for a delivery outside the hospital it seems like I shouldn’t go there..Not only to avoid catching COVID-19, but also to leave a bed open for those who NEED the care of docs & nurses.? ? I really don’t like to live in fear. I believe staying calm, doing your research to make educated decisions, and having a plan (that you can be flexible with) is the best way to avoid stress and anxiety in these types of situations.? ? Sooo, we are trying to come up with a solid, flexible plan that is best for our family. If you’ve had experience with a birthing center or home birth I’d love to hear about it.????????? ? I’m so thankful we have time. My heart goes out to the mamas who are due now and can’t research.???? I’m thinking of you.????????????? ? And to all the healthcare workers (and grocery store employees, delivery drivers, etc) who are on the front lines - YOU ARE TRUE HEROES!!????

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I’m not going to pretend to know what the best advice is here. I’m sure there are a lot of women dealing with the exact same choice right now, and their doctors can provide guidance on what to do. Jamie Otis’ transparency about the issue, however, is just the latest for her related to COVID-19. The reality star and her husband Doug were on vacation when the coronavirus outbreak first exploded into the national consciousness. They initially elected to stay and keep going to the beach, but as the situation worsened and some fans complained on social media, the family decided to head back home and released a statement apologizing for putting others at risk and not taking the situation seriously enough.

Jamie Otis first emerged as a contestant on The Bachelor. She finished seventh in her season and later participated in one of the spinoffs, Bachelor Pad, as well. In 2014, she appeared on the reality show Love At First Sight in which she married husband Doug Hehner, who was a complete stranger chosen by experts to allegedly be a good fit for her. By her own admission, the relationship was awkward and rocky to start, but the two ultimately decided to stay married and now seem pretty darn happy.

The family currently has two children, and she’s eagerly expecting the third one within the next several weeks. Where the child will be born is still up in the air, though her post seems to indicate she’s leaning toward the home birth. Whatever Jamie Otis ultimately chooses, let’s hope she ends up with a delivery absent any complications, and the same goes for the thousands and thousands (maybe even millions) of other women who have been put into this same position by the pandemic.

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