What Hawaii Five-0 Fans Can Expect From The Series Finale

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Hawaii Five-0 is heading towards one of its most bittersweet milestones – its series finale. Back in February, CBS stunned fans with the news that the show’s upcoming Season 10 finale would also be its series ender. It all makes you wonder. What can fans expect from it?

Following the impressive ratings of the penultimate episode starring Chuck Norris, Hawaii Five-0 fans are readying for the final farewell. What can they hope to see happen when it arrives? Hawaii Five-0’s showrunner Peter M. Lenkov has given viewers a sweet (and speculation-inducing) tease, telling TVLine:

[It] checks every box with regards to what this show has always been about, which is family, which is about a connection between these people. It’s got big action, it’s got some big surprises and twists, but most of all the thing is really rooted in heart, which has been a big ingredient that has played in this show since the beginning.

Will fans of McDanno be satisfied enough with what happens to help heal how heartbreaking the cancellation has been? They are about to find out. Hawaii Five-0’s series finale airs this coming Friday (April 3). It was initially set to air as a two-hour ender before CBS decided to break it up over two weeks.

A development that has meant fans already getting to see Chuck Norris spring into action on the series. In case you missed it, you can thank his son for that! Eric Norris is Hawaii Five-0’s stunt coordinator, and after a long time trying to make it happen, Season 10 proved to be the winner.

As for the series finale, expect a hearty farewell according to Hawaii Five-0’s showrunner. Peter M. Lenkov is vowing that while fans will get some action-packed moments, they will be combined with some emotional ones as well. All of which has to be comforting for fans to know.

Hawaii Five-0’s showrunner is still dealing with the show’s cancellation. Not too long ago, he was hopeful about the action series enduring for several more seasons. In the aftermath of the cancellation, Lenkov has spoken out about why fans are having to watch a series finale, to begin with.

The showrunner explained that he had been hopeful about doing another season, but the network decided otherwise. Peter M. Lenkov shared that several factors went into the decision, including “economics.” Now fans are dealing with the economy of one last episode of Hawaii Five-0.

Expectations have been building after images from the series finale teased a lot of intense visuals, including a bloody Danny. Will he, McGarrett, and the rest of the team survive it? Peter M. Lenkov’s tease for the last episode of Hawaii Five-0 hints that it should be somewhat of a happy affair. No deaths, please!

It would undoubtedly get fans talking, but not in a positive way. Considering that Peter M. Lenkov feels that it will check “every box,” I cannot imagine that Hawaii Five-0 will conclude in some controversial fashion. There would be nothing worse for the fans than losing their show and having it end divisively.

Peter M. Lenkov teasing “big surprises and twists” will certainly not escape the attention of fans, though. Will those be positive or negative? I would hope that everything gets tied up in a way that provides Hawaii Five-0 viewers with closure and a sense that the series can be revisited. Reboot #3 anyone?

Hawaii Five-0 will bid farewell this Friday, April 3, at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. To help cope with the loss of the long-running series, check out this spring’s premieres.

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