Wait, Is Station 19 Already Killing Off Another Major Character?

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Spoilers ahead for the April 2 episode of Station 19, called "No Days Off," and the promo for next week's episode.

Most of Station 19's "No Days Off" was spent with the firefighters struggling with their lives outside of the firehouse, with Dean and Vic recruiting Jack to help with the baby, Andy and Sullivan trying to seek Herrera's blessing and getting caught up in an ICE raid, Travis getting pulled into a lunch with Emmett, Chief Dixon, and Emmett's lovely girlfriend, and Maya attempting to enjoy a vacation. In the background, however, a two-alarm fire kept building and building until it became a five-alarm fire requiring all hands on deck, and the promo for the next episode may suggest another big death is on the way.

Check out what's coming in next week's potentially deadly episode of Station 19:

Station 19 has already killed off two key characters in Season 3, with the first turning Andy's world upside down and the second not actually being fully explained until an episode of Grey's Anatomy; is another one of the crew going to die by the end of the next episode? Airing April 9, "I'll Be Seeing You" will apparently see one firefighter "fall."

The trailer doesn't go so far as to say that somebody is going to die, so the firefighter falling might not be anything permanent, but with two deaths already this season, Station 19 fans might want to start preparing for another tragedy just to be on the safe side. The footage does show that Maya made it all the way back to Seattle to take over part of the scene of the fire, which may mean a bit of a time jump.

Or Station 19 just teleported Maya back from her not-so-relaxing vacation with her girlfriend. This is the show that already featured a bear attack, so I'm not sure that much is out of the question in Season 3.

In all seriousness, the footage shows most of the major players in some significant danger at least once. Maya can be heard trying to get in contact with Andy, Travis, and Jack, and there's a shot at the end of Andy telling Sullivan that "there's no way out." There are plenty of candidates for the firefighter who could "fall."

Unfortunately, the official episode description from ABC doesn't yield hard answers about who's in the most danger. In "I'll Be Seeing You," the crew will respond to a storage facility fire, and this is what's happening:

The Station 19 crew battles a storage facility fire with growing complications, and Dr. Jackson Avery pops over from Grey Sloan and ends up collaborating with old pal Ben Warren on a new episode of Station 19.

Well, at least fans can count on Grey's Anatomy contributing somebody to another episode of Station 19.  Jackson joined Ben for a shift in the PRT in "No Days Off," and was still in the back of the truck when Ben had to race to the fire. He had a part to play on Grey's Anatomy, so Jackson won't fall on Station 19.

See what happens in "I'll Be Seeing You" when Station 19 returns with a new episode on Thursday, April 9 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. It will be the last episode of the 2019-2020 TV season that will be paired with a new episode of Grey's Anatomy, so be sure to tune in! Both Grey's and Station 19 will be back next season, though, so more crossovers are undoubtedly on the way in the 2020-2021 season.

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