Hawaii Five-0 Fans React To Legend Chuck Norris’ Cameo

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The legendary Chuck Norris hasn't made many appearances in movies or on TV as of late, so fans were very surprised to hear that he had decided to visit the lush islands of our 50th state and grace CBS' Hawaii Five-0 with his presence right before the series finale. Norris' guest spot on the long-running drama might have been relatively short, but it still got people talking.

As usual, Twitter was a hotbed of activity when it comes to public reactions about pretty much everything, so, as you might imagine, fans took their hot takes on Chuck Norris showing up on Hawaii Five-0 right to the platform when his episode aired. It turns out that not everyone was up to date on the news about Sir Norris (OK, he's not actually a knight...but, I'm sure that's just an oversight at this point) being on the penultimate showing of Five-0, but no one was disappointed to see the man who just scares the shit out of toilets instead of flushing.

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I don't know if Snoop Dogg actually watches Hawaii Five-0, but I bet he loves Chuck Norris just like all sane humans do, so I think he'd really approve of this tweet using his joyous fist pumps to celebrate the man who uses pepper spray to season his meat. Meanwhile, there was much surprise to be had by folks at seeing Norris pop up on screen, and this reaction pretty much sums up how we'd all feel if we saw him anywhere and in any capacity:

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I like to imagine that this particular tweet was composed right before the Hawaii Five-0 fan in question passed out. Not dangerously so; I don't think this person would have accidentally fallen out of a hot air balloon in mid-flight or anything, because, you know, they were probably sitting at home to watch the show. But, I can totally see this fan gently slumping down in their preferred easy chair, only to wake up and realize that Chuck Norris time was completely over for the episode. Oh, well. You can catch it again on CBS All Access!

While everyone who was watching Hawaii Five-0, obviously, loved seeing Chuck Norris on the show, some people felt that it was especially apropos considering the status of the show and guest star, who is a badass of such epic proportions that he was able to build the very hospital that he was born in.

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Of course, one can't be blamed for mistaking the patented Norris badassedry seen in this episode of Five-0 for that of some of the man's classic characters. I mean, it's hard for the gentleman who can bake a cake in the freezer to tamp down that kind of magnetism.

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Sure, Chuck Norris has many similarities with his characters, Cordell Walker (who I still say should show up as Jared Padalecki's grandfather on the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot) and the Missing In Action franchise's Colonel James Braddock, but let's not confuse the man with the cinematic legends he's helped to create. If you have any confusion, just take a gander at this shout out from Hawaii Five-0 star Beulah Koale:

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I. Am. Moved. Hawaii Five-0 will wrap its 10 season run tonight at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. For more on what to watch right now, check out our Netflix schedule and see what's fresh on Hulu this month!

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