Scrubs' Real-Life Inspiration For Zach Braff's J.D. Is Now Working At Coronavirus Hospital

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Scrubs won legions of fans during its nine-season run of hospital-set comedy and drama from 2001-2010, and the series is still relevant today for more than one reason. Series creator Bill Lawrence has shared that the doctor who inspired Scrubs way back in the beginning is not only still working in the medical field, but is currently working at a coronavirus hospital:

Jon Doris, a.k.a. the basis for Scrubs' John Dorian, is running a hospital in L.A. and going the extra mile to prevent his family from being infected by the coronavirus he's treating. In his tweet about Doris' work, Bill Lawrence noted that Scrubs' J.D. would also be running a hospital and fighting the good fight.

For fans who have been missing the original Scrubs crew and aren't especially likely to get a grand reunion, the mention that the real J.D. got to marry his real Elliot is pretty cute. Bill Lawrence went a little further for fans of J.D. and Elliot, and responded to a fan question to confirm that the on-again-off-again love interests did get married at the end of Scrubs.

Bill Lawrence also didn't shy away from admitting that he didn't tweak Jon Doris' name all that much for Scrubs, revealing via social media that he "changed 'Doris' to 'Dorian' because I’m bad at names." The little bits of Scrubs trivia may helped lighten the days of fans who are stuck inside or working risky jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

This isn't the first time that Scrubs has made the news due to the coronavirus. A classic scene has gone viral to show the benefits of social distancing. While it packed an emotional punch the first time around in Season 5 back in 2006, the impact of the scene circulating now with people adapting to staying home isn't quite the same. Take a look:

The coronavirus pandemic has created shockwaves in the entertainment industry as well as the rest of the world, with movie premieres delayed and production shutdowns forcing the premature ends of TV seasons. Finales are coming sooner, premieres are being pushed back, and streaming could be the place to be for TV and movies in the not-too-distant future. Fortunately, all nine seasons of Scrubs are currently available on Hulu for your binge-watching pleasure.

While not all fans were happy with Scrubs' finale season (or its series finale), the 180+ episodes of the seasons could help pass the time for people stuck inside. If you're in the market for some newer streaming options as social distancing continues, check out our 2020 Netflix premiere schedule. For all the shows that are either being delayed or ending their current seasons due to the coronavirus, check out our updated rundown of what's happening and which shows are affected.

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